Tell Your Sandy Hurricane Relief Stories


We’d love to hear your stories of working with Occupy to provide relief, or receiving aid from Occupy volunteers! Please go here to submit your story:

OR EVEN BETTER, MAKE A VIDEO OF YOUR ACTIVITIES or take photos and upload! If video, talk or show THINGS YOU’VE EXPERIENCED SINCE THE STORM. Post on Youtube. Tag with ( Occupy Sandy, OWS, Occupy Wall Street, Sandy, @OccupySandy ). We are trying to do a better job than mainstream media! People are interested in YOUR story of this whole experience (if you want to share with the world). Tweet and Share on Facebook ( ) and Twitter ( @OccupySandy )

Please volunteer your time if you can in some capacity! A lot of elderly people, sick people and families could use your help right now!


One thought on “Tell Your Sandy Hurricane Relief Stories

  1. Hello,

    My name is Luis Sevilla, I along with my partner Lillan Moxey started a
    Virtual Research and Personal Assistant Company this September. Because
    of the devastation and ongoing turmoil Super Storm Sandy has brought on
    the victims. I have decided to forgo seeking paying clients and focus all
    efforts on helping the victims:

    Volunteer Program Matches Sandy Victims with Businesses Providing Free
    Products and Services

    Our mission is to help in the way we know how, through our virtual
    assistants services.“ “ We want to engage other individuals and
    businesses nationwide so that as a team, we can provide FREE and 50% off
    products and services to those who need us most”. Now more than ever,
    with the cold weather, Thanksgiving and the Christmas Holidays right
    around the corner Americans are willing, ready and able to provide support
    to the victims affected by Hurricane Sandy and Lilly Services oversees and
    handles the logistics of the program.

    We already have businesses and Individuals nationwide who have volunteered
    their products and services as well as volunteer virtual personal

    We also have gotten request from victims and a community in Far Rockaway
    that is seeking our services. I need for the story to be told so the
    masses can find out and get involved.

    I only ask that you review the website and the volunteer page at and by all means help us tell our story
    if you feel it is relevant and of importance.

    Thanking you in advance,

    Luis Sevilla
    Lilly Services

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