Donations to Occupy Union Square

Donations to Occupy Union Square

**** ONLINE DONATIONS **** – If you want to support the funding of OWS PEOPLES’ KITCHEN, OWS info / outreach / flyer printing & distribution at Occupy Union Square & other places, please donate HERE *****

**** IN-KIND DONATIONS ***** – Equally important are IN-KIND DONATIONS like:

Food & Kitchen Supplies (coordinate with Kitchen staff where to drop off… call 646-470-3890)

Food:  Fresh fruits & vegetables; Deli meats, Olive oil; Canned beans (NOTE: NO CANNED VEGETABLES); Canned tuna; Pasta; Pasta sauce; Rice; Peanut butter; Jelly

Fresh Herbs: Oregno; Basil; Thyme; Sage; Parsley

Spices: Black pepper; Paprika; Cumin

Supplies:  Bottled Water; Thermal food bags; Paper plates; Paper towels; Paper napkins; Forks; Aluminum trays (with covers!); Garbage bags; Aluminum foil; Plastic food wrap; Zip-lock freezer bags; Handywipes

Art materials: white board, thick colored markers, poster paints, chalk, fabric for silkscreening,  sharpies

Other things (please coordinate with us!… 646-470-3890): banner for table ( # x # ), tempered steel lock & chain

Donate an #OccuPie Pizza Pie! –



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