Get Involved

Donate to Occupy Union Square

Sign Up to Mailing List &/or Volunteer Skillshare

Sign-Up to Help Out OWS Kitchen / Info Table

Printable Flyers

Donate to Related Projects

Current List of Neighborhood PEOPLES ASSEMBLIES

Occupy Wall Street Project List

How To’s / D-I-Y


*** Current Needs of OWS Union Square Organizers ***
Sign Up for Info Table Volunteering!
Sign Up for E-mail List and/or Skillshare
Distribute Printable Flyers
Current List of Neighborhood PEOPLES ASSEMBLIES in NYC
Occupy Wall St Project List
How-To’s / DIY

1) Come to the park and help out!!! (see Immediate Needs of Occupiers page)

2) Fill out the Occupy Union Square VOLUNTEER/SKILLSHARE Sign-Up Form to to get E-mail updates of upcoming events and also to let US KNOW how YOU can help the movement and what YOUR interests are!

3) Consider VOLUNTEERING YOUR TIME to make this movement MOVE! We don’t have a lot of time! Turn off your TV! Start learning about the issues we’re all facing! Then start doing your own OUTREACH among your friends, neighbors, family, co-workers, etc.

4) Donate MONEY or FOOD or fundraise for this movement. This is EVERYONE’s movement!

5) Get involved in one of the many projects happening ( )

6) Sign up for the OWS Newsletter to keep up-to-date with important events in the calendar ( )

7) Keep up-to-date with current events, working groups etc. at the NYC General Assembly , and


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