#BestIdeas4NYC #BestIdeasForNYC #BestIdeas4Trump #MustSeeDocs

Making noise and creative artful activism is great!

Informing a few hundred people a day about social issues is great!

A few HUNDRED-THOUSAND people MUCH better!

Changing the conversation is great!

But making REAL concrete positive change for local NYC residents MUCH


What has been done by your group to that end? Any concrete achievements?

ie Legislative changes by NYC Council. Increase of participants in

weekly meetings and NON VIOLENT DIRECT ACTION events?


Possible ways to do this asap

1) **** Guerrilla Outreach / Artful Activism ie Create robust thriving NYC Activism Light Brigade

to spread good ideas and initiatives and critical info

with LED and Laser LIGHT possibly? We would like to build/acquire and

use at least a few times a week (during tolerably-weathered evenings)

promote IMPORTANT NYC resident-empoweing info & be a source of inspiration for

New Yorkers info and potentially widely popular local state and

national initiatives *****

1a) acquire / make ASAP a scrolling-text LASER projector

that can PROJECT useful TEXT AND INFO pertaining to important NYC

resources onto vertical surfaces

and/or a

1b) portable-powered Scrolling LED sign

http://soo.gd/occupykitchenscrollingled like on hot-dog / kebab stands

and in stores displays!

—– as well as—–

1c) Analog ie PEOPLE-powered / AA-(rechargable!)-battery-powered

bright white Christmas-light letters to engage in

see ——>

Brigade can be used to help stop the Military Industrial CONGRESSIONAL complex!!!!

ie Disaster Capitalism ie. WallStWarSt paradigm! Stop

#SuperPACs!!!  Jumpstart Green Economy http://solidaritynyc.orghttp://neweconomy.net  ,

Possibly promote these orgs ; https://www.veteransforpeace.org/

2) Promote calendars #nycactivismcalendar & #justiceduckling

a huge way

solicit help from NYC techie community (see list below) to create

robust online NYC activism calendar

(and a telephone daily recorded telephone hotline for non-Internet

savvy New Yorkers!).

Online version can include  event mapping based on zip code,

keywords, preferences. Daily Email & sms alerts mailing list? Google

maps?  Other


3) #MustSeeDocs FREE ONLINE VIDEO DOCUMENTARIES, real human stories,

eye-opening, usually saddening shocking and outraging! But also

inspiring! And hopefully moving people into ACTION!


4) http://is.gd/mustseedocs < —— viewable / printable documents online

educational flyers, and list of possible NYC law changes that could

benefit all of us!  hosted on sites like SCRIBD! Looking to grow this

asap.  Have TONS of FLYERS from past 7 years of activism that I’d like

to DIGITIZE and UPLOAD to internet!

****** 5) #NYCPeoplesPlatform if say 3/4 of New Yorkers could agree on

progressive initiatives what would that look like ?  ********

Once we form this living document

6)  Occupy NYC Hall! 2)  Occupy NYC Council! and Occupy NYC Community Boards!

What do you think of #NYCPeoplesPlatform  #ChangeTheLaws campaign for NYC get massive

input from general pubic to rate and evaluate determine best ideas for

an “if I were NYC Mayor” campaign? Maybe install MORE LinkNYC (restore

filtered Internet browsing on these kiosks!) and other tech tools to

build this channel for best ideas to flow to as many connected and

offline New Yorkers as possible?

Community POLL in different languages that can be distributed TO AS



Ways to share and quickly assess and rate/vote on best

ideas/initiatives for IMMEDIATE progressive NYC policy change Maybe

reach out to LinkNYC ( City of New York, CityBridge, Intersection

Qualcomm, CIVIQ Smartscapes ), the people that make those MTA

them into possible multilingual public opinion/

best-civic-ideas/survey-stations and possibly help build a widely

popular #NYCPeoplesPlatform? That we can then lobby City Council?

Keep the code OPEN


Ways to share and quickly assess and rate/vote on WHAT constitutes a

BASIC HUMAN NECESSITY/NEED that they would like NYC legislature and

executive to SUBSIDIZE and FUND by DIVERTING money being used towards



and ‘POLICING’ to be used for HUMAN NEEDS!


Right to publicly assemble

Right to have free speech in public and not get pounced on

Right to not get brutalized terrorized or killed by NYPD. JUSTICE via an Elected Civilian Review Board.
(212) 222-0633 @StopPoliceViolenceNYC stoppoliceviolencenyc@gmail.com


Right to stay in park after midnight

Right to decide where our tax money gets spent

Right to impeach / repalce corrupt “leaders”

Healthy food




public transport

health care

natural healing

hot & cold running


cooking facilities

refrigeration facilities

useful meetups etc. etc.

******* 7) Good Groups NYC /  Good Pages NYC —- gather list of all like-minded

activism & community groups in NYC. Publish quarterly? Promote in a

huge way. Use this list as a starting point to

*****   We should probably find a way

ASAP for New Yorkers share a list of  THE BEST small and large groups

in NYC who are 1) fighting for HUMAN RIGHTS 2) successfully serving

the needs of NYC residents and 2) hopefully EMPOWERING The residents

of NYC!  What constitutes a HUMAN NEEDS ie if NYC could operate as a

Human Rights ZONE!!!! *****

8) Annual #VacantSpaceCount  ANNUAL census by City

of NY or crowdsource if we have to. Get an idea of which spaces lots

and buildings have been long vacant and can be utilized by able-bodied

able-minded homeless and for the public good.

****** 9) Build a robust online NYC

resident activist artist barter network

existing groups to reach out to:

—– check out homepage of this one!!!

Goal BASIC NEEDS MET FOR ALL!  build a sharing network / barter etc.

for people with a little extra they can spare in these troubled times

with someone that provide SUPPORT and MOVEMENT BUILDING from it. NOT

enablement and dependence though

Ones that I know of in NYC

Really Really Free Market (Freegan

meetup), Brooklyn

Free Store / In Our Hearts, Free University, @OpSafeWinterNYC, The

Church of Good Deeds

Maybe we should all get together along with NYC Civic Hall techs and see

if we can build something asap?


10) Cooperative NYC translator service. Come together with silent rave

party headphones ( http://is.gd/translatorheadphones )

use these translators and headphones for

***** 11) Monthly #DefragTheMovement monthly organizing meetings to unite human rights groups in NYC and provide live

interpreter/translation services for anyone that speaks any of major

NYC languages *****

12) Possibly initiate War Tax Boycott for April 17. See https://nwtrcc.org/ National

War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee How many people on this list

know that Pentagon has declared $9 TRILLION (with a T!) missing!!???

Not event mentioning the Trillions spent that HAVE been accounted for.

allocate that money for long-overdue local public works


13) Free / low-cost Holistic Healthcare 4 ALL (including Dental care) for all who want it http://thirdroot.org

14) Free Public Transit 4 All self explanatory  create a PEOPLES MTA https://www.facebook.com/pplsmta/

15) Maybe petition City of NYC or use #ParticipatoryBudgeting channels

to push for the issuance of hometown money ie.. http://is.gd/hometowmmoney ie community currency ie…

vouchers and monetary awards for people who are humanitarians / good

samaritans / activists, community leaders working for the public good

and desperately in need of basic living costs met! ie free metrocard

that do homeless outreach, activism, etc.

***** 16) NYC Truth Commission

which we’d like to

form ********


a) honor courageous whistleblowers, journalists and documentarians

alive and deceased


b) form OUR OWN investigatory committees to help raise awareness about

and hopefully SOLVE many outstanding unsolved NYC terror crimes and

political assassinations. Goal is to hopefully expose real

perpetrators of crime and hopefully

prevent future crime from happening and prevent further reckless

endangerment and senseless killing of innocent / benevolent / peaceloving people


calling forward eyewitnesses and


Public inquiry into #MissingTrillions from Pentagon currently

documented over 9trillion (with a T)! can tie this into


17) Election Reform Act of 2017  involves ways we can

restore integrity and inclusiveness in local state and federal

elections for instance have elections on a holiday. Paper

ballet/instant run off etc. Eliminate electoral college etc.

Constitutional amendment perhaps? https://is.gd/unrigthedeepstate

17a) Election reform for NYC City Council and NYC Community Board etc


COMMUNITY NEIGHBORHOOD ELECTIONS for new community representatives


and other toxic dangerous extreme ways to get

electricity heat transportation etc.

19) ******* Form list of what constitutes as a CREDIBLE JOURNALISM


#ThePublicGood to counter Fake News!  ******

20) Start our own newspaper / publishing company!

21) Find a physical space in NYC to create a video editing /

journalism hub to counter fake news!

22) ******* Provide a USB flash drive of STUFF WE NEVER LEARNED IN


ie survival skills, true history of USA — of political prisoners, and environmental destruction, free energy, natural healing modalities, home remedies, nature of corporations & expose crimes against humanity, like facebook, monsanto, g4s etc etc etc, nature of government, plight of indigenous nations, Black Wall St. ,

Palestinians, Tibetans, Cointel Pro 101  etc etc etc  see

23) Demand that NYC City Council and Mayor acknowledge Indigenous peoples

request to #RemoveColumbusStatue and #RenameColumbusDay to


24) #OccupyTheFarm http://occupythefarmfilm.com/  build a work-exchange / rideshare network for local state

farmers so that relations and networks can be established with local farmers!

25) **** NYC Shower Bus!!!  a converted mobile bus where people can take showers

and or/ 19a) PUBLIC FUND so broke NYC residents can take showers and

do laundry *******

25) MACC metro anarchists coordinating council — send community representative

to monthly MACC meeting to build coalitions! http://defendj20resistance.org/

26)******  #WaterAsFuel quantum jump can make motor vehicles run in water and

power communities with breakthrough energy technology! Develop prototype

with hacker and young engineering students and developers! Look up

#DumpThePetrodollar #StarveTheBlackSnake

27) *******  #MikePenceOUTCynthiaMcKinneyIN  **********

Possibly draft and initiate a petition asap for this and

#BestIdeas4Trump campaign. If mass

public support, at very least it will raise mass public awareness

about people like Dr. Cynthia McKinney (Green Party candidate for

President of USA in 2008!) (would be nice to have this ready for NYC

Womens’ March!)

28)  #FreeALLpoliticalPrisoners NOW! shine light on this elephant-in

the-room! And release aged PPs and POWs NOW!

29) #FreeALLNonViolentOffenders pardons NOW!

30) Tied into #GanjaNYC #IbogaineNYC etc free the plants! End the bogus

failed drug war. Treat addiction as an illness NOT a crime. It is

widely known that CIA and USA Inc. have been controlling heroin from

Afghanistan etc.! They WANT people addicted. It’s is their cash crop

for black budget projects! https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/ganjanyc

31) ****** #StopMonsanto – Mandatory labeling of GMO and possible BAN of

known toxic Monsanto products in NYC! NOW ********

32) ***** Close down vacate any company doing business in NYC or with NYC

that is known to be shady and human rights abusers! #StopG4S etc etc


32a) Possibly ******* rewrite NYC charter ****** to ban these types of

companies from

operating in NYC ********

33) #BanForcedVaccination look it up! Vaccines are bogus as well! http://is.gd/awakenyc

34) #StopThePoliceState #StopPoliceTerror ie WE THE NYC residents

decide how POLICE

OFFICERS and resources are utilized here in NYC. Not millionaire /

billionaire Mayors!


35) #BanHorseCarriages a no brainer to humane people everywhere!


36) ***** Rethink and hopefully #ReclaimPublicSpace #TakeBackTheLand

#TakeBackTheStreets #RestoreCommonLaw and allow people to pitch tents

in parks and outdoors (as long as they do it responsibly)! See hashtag:

#RememberZuccotti ******


Possibly make a City Council resolution declaring FREE SPEECH,

reasserting constitutional rights

Prevent UNINVITED crazy obscene wasteful oppressive NYPD from

partaking in marches! ******

38) Build a strong #EvictionProtectionNetwork like Boston’s

#CityLifeVidaUrbana http://www.clvu.org/

make City Council pass a MORATORIUM on bank

foreclosures and evictions from places of residence!

39) Use this as a robust network to STOP BIG DEVELOPERS like REBNY from

40) ******** #RealPoliticalCourageTest for any potential future government

representative  *****

41) PEARS search engine ( http://is.gd/pearssearchengine ) or

something similar. GOGGLE is buying up every evil technology in sight

(search: Boston Dynamics killer robots!) . FUNCTIONS like NSA. And

cooperates fully with US Government ON DEMAND.

Find alternative SEARCH ENGINE(S) that promotes local community,

privacy, anonymonity, ASAP

42) Ham-radios, INTRANET infrastructure built that can be RUN and

SUPPORTED by local NYC residents / ie stakeholders. Make it freely

accessible!  Teach skills in HIGH SCHOOLS!!!!!!

43) ****** Reform education system in NYC and promote ALTERNATIVE

modalities for education!! See work of

44) Identify cheap easy tech solutions for NYC Actvisits and creative

people.. ie. Kits to enable your cell-phone screen project a small 3D

HOLOGRAM ( https://is.gd/cellphone3dhologramprojector ) etc.  Teach

these things in NYC PUBLIC SCHOOL

45) Alternative currency ie bitcoin, blockchain and/or non-counterfeitable ANALOG printed money

46)  ******  PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN / sliding scale FOOD


Solar powered / wind or veggie oil even at this point (

or possibly H2O- powered


electromagnetic engine powered

do not power with gasoline


47) Stimulate, motivate, incentivize MORE ideas that would advance NYC

so that we can all live with more peace, dignity and humanity! Find a

way to a way to channel best ideas through civic tech, COMPETITIONS

with PRIZES and social rewards!!

48) ***** Connect with the best NYC subway performers for an annual /

biannual old-school  JAM!!!!! Possibly fundraiser??? ***

49) ***** Connect with techies! Civic Hall NYC 118 w 22nd st 12th fl and also

SFO-based Reboot Democracy  civic tech tools (ie #ResistTools) ****

50) ****** Connect with landlords that are willing to host MONTHLY /

weekly pop-ups like this:

NYC Techie Groups:

Anarcho Tech Collective

Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Committee

Civic Hall NYC (Nicrosoft owned?? WTF?)

Progressive Hacknight ( http://www.progressivehacknight.org/ ),

Impact Hub NYC ( https://nyc.impacthub.net/ )

Hacking Manhattan ( https://hackmanhattan.com/ )

Disrupt NY Hackathon

MIT civic data design lab ( http://civicdatadesignlab.mit.edu/ ),

NYC Resistor ( https://www.nycresistor.com/ )

NYC Meetups Data forDemocracy Meetup


OWS (Occupy Wall Street) Tech Ops http://devinbalkind.com/tag/occupy/

More resources:

You can reach me, Matt Bralow, on NYCActivism.org Facebook page email

like/share/repost/comment anything on this page or at OWSKitchen.org !

Thanks for reading and entertaining these ideas!

more notes below


Can you or someone start researching these?

20160811 Jamzen Pleas For Garvey Energy Project & Humanity –

better business unlimited

project outreach jobs – glassdoor.com

Please share whatever you want with New Economy people maybe can collaborate

1:1 Barter Advisor



Historic Essex Street Market

Meet with an OurGoods “barter advisor” for 10–30 minutes. These one on

one consultations aim to connect creative people to other artists,

designers, and craftspeople who want to trade skills, spaces, or

objects in an atmosphere of mutual respect. To schedule an appointment

now, email caroline@ourgoods.org.






NYC Hackerspace

We are NYC’s civic technology and open government vanguard. … First,

you can learn about our history though “Made In NYC: Civic Hacking

102,” and you can …

#BetaNYC, NYC’s open data, open gov, & civic tech community (New …

NYC ## What is BetaNYC BetaNYC envisions an informed and empowered

public who can leverage … Data Jam – NYC’s National Day of Civic

Hacking event.

Mailing List Archive · ?Members · ?Photos · ?Pages






1) Occupy Wall St Projects Project:

2) Arts & Labor – Alternative Economics Guide for Living in NYC –




Maybe a solidarity / shared values statement by residents of NYC . see

example: #NYCPeoplesResolution #NYCemergencyResolution

List things we all can agree on (or at least things that most people

in your crew can agree on).. use that as a template to invite ALL

New Yorkers to take part including TEENS and PRE-TEENS. Like a Best Ideas,

“If I were President” “if I were Governor” “If I were Mayor” type of

things. Ways to TRULY make NYC NYS and America great.. .the BEST

ideas/initiatives from these groups. Form a TRULY progressive NYC

Council, #ProgressiveCabinet etc. Get people to run for office on


#OccupyNYCCouncil Make it a living document where people can VOTE/RATE

best ideas. #BetaNYC





Ralph Nader & Former Phila Police Captain Ray Lewis say… Occupy Congress!

Since these elected lawmakers seem to care more about helping rogue nations, and doing the bidding of their corporate paymasters, maybe WE should just take over the Congress and start IMPLEMENTING OUR OWN LAWS that will protect and empower REAL PEOPLE and not large multi-national corporations and corrupt governments.

The PEOPLE OF THE USA MUST START LEADING, and then our elected “leaders” must follow!





From 1/20/12
Sgt. Shamar Thomas (from 1 Marine vs. 30 Cops fame) along with other OWS protesters Detain Sen. Carl Levin Over NDAA. Hilarious!

I Am An INC. Today

Ralph Nader says Occupy Congress

Philly Police Captain Ray Lewis Interview at Occupy Congress J17

THE CORPORATION – A Legal “Person”

THE CORPORATION – The Pathology of Commerce

:: Corporation : Clinical Diagnosis (PCLR) ::


Popular Resistance Newsletter – Announcing Creative Resistance!

Occupy Puppets protesting the Trans-Pacific Partnership
By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, www.popularresistance.org
March 5th, 2014

Above: OWS Puppets protest the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The Joy and Resolve of a Movement Built on Creative Resistance

Beginning with the iconic image of the ballerina on top of the Wall Street Bull, art has been central to occupy and was an important reason for its powerful impact.

Art adds vitality and energy to advocacy; and it reaches people at deeper emotional levels and in their hearts conveying what cannot be said with mere facts.

We had been covering art as part of our reporting on the movement at Popular Resistance, but it wasn’t enough. There has been so much artistic activism that we decided it needed to be highlighted with its own website, Creative Resistance.org. It is a place where community members, activists and activist artists can connect and inspire each other. We encourage everyone to find ways that art can be incorporated into your actions and into the work in your community.

Art Builds Commitment, Community and Movement

One goal of public protest is to pull people to the movement in order to grow into a mass movement that cannot be ignored.  Activist art turns a protest into a spectacle, from a turn-off to a turn-on, from an event ignored to one that is widely reported. The protest becomes art itself. If done well and with intention, it will draw people to the movement.

For example, before a protest or other event, a community art build can be organized where people involved in advocacy create art together; and where families, community members, professional colleagues and others are invited to co-create. This process builds stronger connections within the community, deepens the understanding of the issue and provides a way for individuals to express their personal relationship to the issue.

As Tatiana Makovkin, an organizer with Creative Resistance, wrote recently: “Art is good for our communities, and artistic collaboration is a bonding experience. We make art together, not just because of the changes it can bring to the world around us, but because of the way it changes us internally.”

Source: http://www.creativeresistance.org/beehive-design-collective/

Source: Bee Hive Collective listens, then draws the narrative, http://www.creativeresistance.org/beehive-design-collective/

Another group that uses the creation of art as a catalyst for change is the Bee Hive Collective. This Maine-based group tells stories through incredible graphics.  They are done in a sophisticated cartoon-like style in order to make them accessible and engaging. The stories are based on concerns that communities have about their lives and the environment.  They have gone to the coal fields of Appalachia, refugee camps in Latin America and partnered with other communities whose voices need to be amplified, whose stories need to be heard and whose struggle for social and environmental justice needs to be told.

Sometimes art lifts a protest to what Bill Moyer of the Backbone Campaign calls a “spectacle action.”  We’ve been involved in protests against the Trans-Pacific Partnership with Moyer and each was a spectacle action.  In a recent TPP protest we draped four massive banners on the building of the US Trade Representative, across from the White House complex. The action, which the Washington Post called the greatest guerrilla theater in DC history, created images used by media all over the world and showed people who are opposed to the TPP in other countries that there is opposition in the US too.

Tar Sands Blockade in Winnsboro, TX. From http://www.popularresistance.org/saturday-sept-21-draw-a-line-against-tar-sands/

Tar Sands Blockade in Winnsboro, TX. Fromhttp://www.popularresistance.org/saturday-sept-21-draw-a-line-against-tar-sands/

In a protest in Salt Lake City as TPP negotiators were inside a hotel conducting secret negotiations, theBackbone Campaign and other groupsflew massive weather balloons holding a banner outside their conference window saying “Psst TPP. What are you hiding?”  The banner used humor to mock their secret negotiations and raise the issue of why they were hiding from all of us who will be impacted by the deals they make behind closed doors.

These spectacle protests also sent a message to our adversaries that we are a force to be reckoned with because we were willing to take risks and were clear in our denunciation of their unpopular, anti-democratic actions. They were put on notice – proceed and you should expect resistance.

That same type of message has been sent all up and down the Keystone XL pipeline that will bring toxic tar sands sludge from Canada through the farm belt of America, over precious fresh water sources and to the Gulf of Mexico to be processed for transport overseas. When the Tar Sands Blockaders began in the southern portion of the pipeline, they put up massive banners in the trees where activists were doing tree sits.  The message on the banner: You Shall Not Pass was a clear threat of resistance.

In the South and in the northern part of the pipeline where Obama has not yet approved construction, indigenous peopleslandowners, ranchers and farmers have joined people concerned about climate change and ecological destruction to protest in creative ways like putting up a solar energy producing barn where the pipeline is planned to go. TransCanada is so afraid of this resistance they are urging police to treat protesters as terrorists, including an absurd glitter terror case in Oklahoma.

Backbone Campaign puppets from http://www.creativeresistance.org/backbone-campaign/

Backbone Campaign puppets fromhttp://www.creativeresistance.org/backbone-campaign/

The use of art in resistance can make protests less frightening and something people want to attend and join. Protest signs that advertise an event or are used at the event draw attention and spread our message, as do the massive puppets seen at many protests produced by groups like People’s PuppetsBread and Puppet Theaterthe Backbone Campaign and others. As these puppets march through neighborhoods accompanied by singing and chanting, people are drawn to them and some end up participating. Street theater is another way to attract people.  Rev. Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir is one example of many groups who perform.

A book which shows the breadth of creativity in activism is Beautiful Trouble. It compiles hundreds of examples of creative resistance. The authors write, “The realization is rippling through the ranks that, if deployed thoughtfully, our pranks, stunts, flash mobs and encampments can bring about real shifts in the balance of power. In short, large numbers of people have seen that creative action gets the goods — and have begun to act accordingly. Art, it turns out, really does enrich activism, making it more compelling and sustainable”

Reaching People Beyond Their Heads

To be effective in our advocacy it is not enough to provide facts, figures and graphs and reach people in their heads.  Studies have shown that facts that contradict someone’s belief are often ignored and even have the opposite effect of strengthening people’s preconceived notions. In order to change people, we have to reach them at a deeper, more emotional level.

Source: http://www.creativeresistance.org/center-for-artistic-activism-new-york-ny/

Source: Center for Artistic Activism Training,http://www.creativeresistance.org/center-for-artistic-activism-new-york-ny/

The Center for Artistic Activism describes their rationale for the use of creative resistance writing:

Throughout history, the most effective political actors have married the arts with campaigns for social change.  While Martin Luther King Jr is now largely remembered for his example of moral courage, social movement historian Doug McAdam’s estimation of King’s “genius for strategic dramaturgy,” likely better explains the success of his campaigns.

Dramaturgy means the art or technique of dramatic composition and theatrical representation.  One of the co-founders of the Center for Artistic Activism, Stephen Duncombe, describes the story of how King used drama when the civil rights movement selected Birmingham, AL as the place for protest by creating a confrontation with Police Chief Bull Connor.  Connor had been an abusive police chief in Birmingham for 23 years and in 1961 had abused the Freedom Riders. Connor tried running for mayor, but lost the election.  The day Connor lost the election, King’s group announced Project C (for confrontation) challenging the racist police practices of Connor.  The goal was mass arrests and confrontation that would overwhelm the police and penal system.  King’s arrest led to his Letter from a Birmingham Jail.

Birmingham CampaignOn May 2, 1963, King’s group used a new tactic in Birmingham by having children march through the streets, resulting in 959 children aged 6 to 18 being arrested.  The next day large numbers of protesters came out and Connor turned the dogs and fire hoses on them. This went on for several days and produced images that created anger at Connor and support for the civil rights activists.  Three thousand protesters were arrested over a five day period.  The impact on the reputation and economy was extremely negative causing a majority of businesses to reach agreement with King to desegregate lunch counters, rest rooms and drinking fountains on May 10. The businesses also helped to get the protesters released and created systems for black-white communication. On May 11, Connor was ordered to leave his office.

King had picked the stage, the antagonist and protagonists.  The narrative was predictable because they knew how Connor would react and the civil rights activists had been trained to respond appropriately.  Through dramaturgy, King had created a dramatic composition that was vivid, emotional and engaged the American people – based on the truth – to tell the story of racism in Birmingham and advance the cause of civil rights by reaching people beyond their minds, deep into their emotions.

Think of the iconic photos of African Americans being attacked by dogs and having the fire hoses turned on them; and of children being arrested.  These iconic images are still carried with many Americans because they reached deep down into people. Sometimes when the stage is set and the narrative is being told, the iconic image, unimagined before it happens, is created and advances a movement.

More visit: http://theyesmen.org/ and http://www.yeslab.org/

More visit: http://theyesmen.org/ and http://www.yeslab.org/

Another path into the emotions of people is humor.  The Yes Men are one of the groups that have used humor to make a point. The Yes Men describe their workas “Impersonating big-time criminals in order to publicly humiliate them, and otherwise giving journalists excuses to cover important issues.” And, they have mocked some of the biggest corporate criminals on the planet.  Their method is to put these corporations in an uncomfortable position, forcing them to respond to hoax news that ‘reports’ the corporation is going to do something good.  The corporation then responds – ‘no we’re not going to do something good.’

The Yes Men are now working to share their experience and broaden the talent of hoax humor activism with the Yes Lab. Their goal is to help activists carry out media-getting creative actions through a series of brainstorms and trainings.  They call their tactic that creates a public spectacle to spark public debate “laughtivism” as they recognize that humor opens people’s minds.

Another powerful artistic tool is music. It draws people in and can open the door to a movement message. From hip-hop to folk music to rock and roll, there is musical activism. And it is also a tool for creating solidarity and confidence when activists face difficult situations.

Creativity sustains movements

The struggle for social justice is a long-term endeavor that goes through periods of ups and downs. Artful activism in resistance movements can provide new energy and make the goals feel more tangible. Art allows us to imagine the future and sense the world differently.

From http://www.creativeresistance.org/gallery-banksys-iconic-street-art/

From Bansky Wall Art  http://www.creativeresistance.org/gallery-banksys-iconic-street-art/

Art does not have to be expensive.  It can be as simple as a can of spray paint for graffiti. The artist Bansky has brought street art to a new level, but at its root it is simple and accessible.  Another group that takes graffiti to a new direction is theCalifornia Department of Corrections, which ‘corrects’ billboards to put forward a social and economic justice message by adding their comments or changing a few words on the billboard.

Bread and Puppet Theater describes the birth of the “Cheap Art Philosophy … born in 1979 when [they] filled their old school bus with hundreds of small pictures painted on scraps of masonite, cardboard and newspaper, painted slogans and statements about art and Cheap Art, and hung them on the outside of the bus. Then they drove it to neighboring towns and sold the stuff for 10 cents to 10 dollars.” They report the idea has spread:

“Today Cheap Art is practiced by all kinds of artists and puppeteers all over, and continues to cry out: Art is Not Business! Art Is Food! Art Soothes Pain! Art Wakes Up Sleepers! Art Is Cheap! Hurrah!”

Isn’t this the sharing world want we need to see? Imagine art builds in every town bringing communities together and deepening commitment, massive puppets and balloons carrying the message of justice in parades and protests across the country, entertaining and educating theatrics in the streets, music reaching the uninvolved and strengthening the resolve of the already active. People sharing and participating together in building a movement of creative resistance whose foundations are joy and resolve spurs us to re-imagine and create the world we want to see.

Sign up for Creative Resistance here.

Note: Next week there will be no newsletter.

From: Create a Peace Economy, http://www.creativeresistance.org/create-a-peace-economy/

From: Create a Peace Economy, http://www.creativeresistance.org/create-a-peace-economy/

Join the Campaign for a NYC Council Resolution to Shut Down Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant NOW!


3.11 No Nukes Action group are organizing two actions for the 3rd Anniversary of 3.11 Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.













Download Flyer: (PDF, 2PAGES)

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March 11th 2014 marks the third year anniversary since the beginning of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster in March 2011. This disaster was caused by not only the massive earthquake and tsunami, but the human error and irresponsibility of the state, nuclear industry and their supporters who prioritize profit over people. Countless issues remain unresolved at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, as well as in the surrounding areas with high levels of radioactivity. The radiation from the coast of Fukushima is also contaminating the Pacific Ocean, reminding us that we are all connected by the sea. Fukushima leaves us an overwhelming question; are there any safe places, food or water left for us, or for future generations?

We New Yorkers also live next to Indian Point Energy Center’s two nuclear reactors, sitting right on Hudson River, 25 miles north of NYC. The utility owner Entergy is still operating the power plant, which releases radioactivity 24/7. Indian Point is on an earthquake fault line and one of the reactor’s operating license has just expired in 2013. At any nuclear power plants, danger is inherent and accidents will happen. While we observe an increasing number of natural disasters affecting our city, it’s no longer a question of if, but when Indian Point suffers an accident. And what about the massive amounts of radioactive waste? United States currently has no long-term solution for the highly radioactive nuclear waste being generated every day at over 100 nuclear reactors throughout the country.

We will not forget Fukushima.
Let’s connect and stand with the people in Japan and elsewhere struggling with the consequence of nuclear production.
Join us & Take action!

Organized by the members of: Brooklyn for Peace, Eco-Logic (WBAI-FM), Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition (IPSEC), Shut Down Indian Point Now!, The Manhattan Project, Todos Somos Japon

Organized by Todos Somos Japon, The Manhattan Project & Shut Down Indian Point Now!


Until our elected “leaders” call for the IMMEDIATE phasing out of nuclear power (and nuclear weapons), our entire city, country and planet will continue to be at grave risk.

Ask yourself WHY they are not talking about this in the debates. Also ask yourself WHY mainstream media doesn’t talk about it!

The nuclear industry could never exist without massive subsidies by our corrupt federal government and a mainstream media that keeps it OFF PEOPLE’S MINDS. What most people don’t realize is that the mainstream media ARE the nuclear industry and the military industry! And guess what? GENERAL ELECTRIC isn’t going to tell you on NBC that their reactors are threatening the very survival of our species!

Even Wall St. won’t even insure or finance or insure nuclear power! So why is this allowed to continue? There are lots of sane, safe solutions (that can create hundreds of thousands of much needed GREEN JOBS!) The people of Germany, France, and certainly Japan are quickly waking up to the alternatives. Why aren’t we?? Please New York, DO SOMETHING to remedy this situation NOW before it’s too late! Our future depends on the safe, immediate, permanent shutdown of this plant and other plants like it! Fukushima & Chernobyl are for real!

June 12, 1982 – One Million People In Central Park… WE CAN DO THIS AGAIN!

Bombs Will Make The Rainbow Break


STEP #2 – Print / distribute / translate this flyer! Tell all your friends, neighbors and co-workers to do same!

STEP #3 – There are 50 NYC Council members representing 50 districts in NYC. ****** FIND YOUR CITY COUNCIL MEMBER HERE ******* Get a few neighbors together and MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO SEE YOUR COUNCIL MEMBER! Organize a meeting of concerned residents in your district, follow-up with your City Council member and bring MORE people next time around! Ask he/she if they will support this resolution:

NYC City Council Resolution to Close Indian Point

If they will not, ask why? Explain how dangerous this “Fukushima‐on‐the‐Hudson” is to the NYC public and that NYC can obtain all the energy it needs from the solar, wind, water power, and basic conservation. Tell them about the Synapse Report that explains the possibilities for clean energy in NY. See: Indian Point Alternatives – Synapse Report – Indian Point Replacement Analysis: A Clean Energy Roadmap – A Proposal for Replacing the Nuclear Plant with Clean, Sustainable Energy Resources

Click HERE to print out a PDF of the document.


STEP #4 – Call & write Governor Cuomo (who has the authority to close the plant immediately)

Phone #: 212-681-4580
Address: The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor of New York State, 633 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10017
E-mail: gov.cuomo@chamber.state.ny.us
Twitter: @NYGovCuomo

STEP #5 – Call and write President Obama

Phone #: 202-456-1414
Address: The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500
E-mail: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/submit-questions-and-comments
Twitter: @BarackObama

LET THEM KNOW how you feel about nuclear power!

BE ACTIVE TODAY, NOT RADIOACTIVE and cancer-ridden tomorrow!


Dr Helen Caldicott Protests Nuclear Reactors @ No Nukes Rally Unified Arnie Gundersen & Chris Busby

*** Must Hear! Jumpt to 3:52 *** to hear Nader talk about collusion between the Nuclear Industry, U.S. Government & our Mainstream Media (Then hear him talk about raising the minimum wage and how easy it could be if we organize! )

“Playing Russian Roulette with the American People”: Ralph Nader Advocates Phasing Out Nuclear Power

Paul Blanch speaks about dangers posed by Indian Point’s continued operation-H.264.mov

Professor Mitsuhei Murata “A Plea for a Total Ban on Nuclear Energy”

*** MUST SEE **** Mothers/Farmers/Grassroots Anti-nuke activists from Fukushima visit NYC

Mothers from Fukushima visit NYC

SHUT DOWN INDIAN POINT Nuclear Power Plant 1st Video of 4

Helen Caldicott: Loving This Planet | The New School
Jump to 16:37!!!

Time’s Up! “Shut Down Indian Point” Bike Ride & Sail Action


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