BREAK Public Apathy! #WakeUpNYC

IMPORTANT NOTE: The videos on this website are meant to break current patterns of thinking among residents of NYC that are currently placing us, future generations and our Mother Earth in harms way. And in essence enslaving us. We do not necessarily endorse the personal views of any of the people in these videos, nor do we agree with 100% of what everyone says in these videos and articles. We have compiled these videos, again, to stimulate critical thinking and curiosity and most of all to get people to start DISCERNING FOR THEMSELVES truth from fiction, to wake up from the lies of mainstream media, our so-called elected leaders, our dominate corporate and religious institutions and our controlled education system that have been designed and organized to keep the population in the dark about critical human rights abuses and our enslavement. And to do OUR OWN RESEARCH & HOMEWORK. With the goal of getting people ACTIVE & ENGAGED in the movement for truth, peace, justice and consciousness-raising to ensure the safety of current and future generations of NYC residents. To make people realize that WE are the ones that must step up to the plate NOW and take responsibility for whats happening around us.

We as New Yorker must start GETTING INFORMED and GETTING THE WORD OUT ASAP about the topics below…. Please hit the streets and parks and do this! LOOK AT ANY OF THESE URL’s THAT PEAK YOUR CURIOSITY (hopefully all of them!)… ALL ARE VERY IMMEDIATE AND RELEVANT TO CURRENT EVENTS! Go to our FACEBOOK PAGE (OWSUnionSquare) LIKE/SHARE!

Appeal to Law Enforcement Officers Everywhere

Actor / activist Danny Glover addresses Occupy Oakland in October 2011 –

How To Stop The Empire While Still Keeping Your Day Job (Comedy Skit) – by Dan Kinch

**** Red Ice Radio – Actress MARY SEAN YOUNG – Talks about her experience in Hollywood & Awakening to the Global Elites Mass Deception & Conspiracy ****
Part 1:

Part 2:


Ralph Nader – On the Necessity & Urgency of Moving Your Money to a LOCAL GREEN ECONOMY

Deceased filmmaker and 9/11 truth activist Aaron Russo Talks about Global Elite Agenda for Total Control of World Population

Note: Although he uses the word “socialist” in a way that implies a fascist dictatorial government and a system that limits our personal freedom…. instead of the true meaning of the word which is: an economic and social system designed to benefit people and society as a whole i.e.- non-coercive communities of people working non-competitively for the spiritual and physical well-being of all, he’s still commended for his filmmaking and for whistleblowing about his encounters with these “elites” & & for his CALL FOR ACTION by common people everywhere! Jump to 20:19 where Aaron talks about the ultimate goal of the Rockefeller Rothschild Bush international banking cartels and their phony “War on Terror”

Current news (3/19/14) of the geo-political negotiations taking place by global elites and their agents – MUST HEAR’
Current news (3/23/14) of the Common Law criminal proceedings in Brussels Belgium against the Catholic Church and the Church of England for sexual abuse and trafficking of children and ritual killings (International Tribunal for Crimes of Church & State)’
Rise Like Lions – Excellent documentary about Occupy Wall Street which hopefully inspires people to TAKE POSITIVE ACTION! – MORE MUST SEE DOCUMENTARIES HERE:

Fight The New World Order with Global Non Compliance (Full Version)

Why society is in the situation we’re in right now, and how we can start moving forward to solve problems and spread the truth – 2 HRS LONG – MUST SEE!’
Former Defense Minister of Canada talking about ET and UFO cover-up by governments worldwide

Psy-War – Great Documentary about our state-sponsored mainstream news outlets and the way that they cover-up crime and manipulate public opinion – don’t blame the TV – BECOME THE TV!

CIA Whistleblower / Anti-war activist Susan Lindauer speaking about lies and pre-knowledge of 9/11 inside government

Dr. Judy Wood scientist talks about the way that WTC towers 1 & 2 came down. They instantly turned to dust! Strange anomalies that indicate that some never-before-seen high-tech directed-energy weapon was used to destroy the towers.

What Really happened on 9/11? – William Rodriguez – janitor of WTC who miraculously came late to work that day, listen to his extremely eye-opening accounts of what happened that day – MUST SEE!’
Dr. Judy Wood – Talks about 9/11 disaster, WTC turning to dust, empirical evidence, “group think” & our mainstream media

Michael Tellinger Talks about advanced technologies of ancient civilizations, human orgins and the orgins of money and banking – ANOTHER MUST SEE!’

June 12, 1982 – One Million People In Central Park… WE CAN DO THIS AGAIN!

Bombs Will Make The Rainbow Break – Young people expressing their serious concerns about the Nuclear industry and trying to raise awareness and organizing against it – MUST SEE! Why should children have to even worry about this What kind of society allows this and why do NYC residents allow this??? More info about this movement HERE: Act now before it is too late!

Crimes committed against the people of the world & the suspects behind them (Adobe PDF document identifying primary suspects):

Police State – Where are the REAL oath keepers?!?

Regarding below links, in the address bar of any web browser, type in ‘www.TINYURL.COM

and then fill in 2nd part (after the slash) with:

**** 911WakeUp Please support NYC firefighters, first responders & family members and call for a REAL 9-11 INVESTIGATION NOW! Expose the media / government COVER-UP! 12 years is enough! OUT OF RESPECT TO 9-11 VICTIMS, FAMILIES, FIRST RESPONDERS & SUBSEQUENT WAR CAUSALITIES … ARREST THE REAL CRIMINALS ON WALL ST. & IN GOVERNMENT! Prevent future 9-11 false-flage terror events from occuring! ***



Law To Protect Peaceful Protesters –
Shouldn’t really need to write this up, but given the fact that our First Amendment Constitutional rights are being threatened, it makes sense to have a law like this:
Law To Protect Peaceful Protesters

False Flags / Obama Lying to the American Public – Criminal Fraud – War Crimes – Grounds for Impeachment / Fukushima Disaster / HAARP / JFK / Sandy Hook / Boston Bombing / Department of Homeland Security’s Strange Purchases / REAL Solutions to Problems’




The Banker – Music Video

We found this interview on Youtube… nice to hear that some people in entertainment industry are actually more informed than most, still balanced, courageous and speaking out!’
Documentary explaining the current power structure that controls the world’


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