Please Connect The Dots

Boston “Bombing” & Martial law test in Boston


Sofia Smallstorm offers a detailed discussion of her recent video presentation,Unraveling Sandy Hook, on Professor Jim Fetzer’s The Real Deal radio program.

The edition aired on Friday November 15.


THE CORPORATION [17/23] Unsettling Accounts’

Insights Into MI6: Operation Gladio – Private Army – NATO Mercenary Black Ops’

9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections, & Details Exposed!’

A Noble Lie – Trailer – Oklahoma City Bombing’

Producers of “A Noble Lie” Speak Out on Boston Bombings – Austin Green & James Lane #N3’

The ’93 WTC attacks: Al Qaeda/CIA Operatives & The F.B.I.’

Cindy Sheehan interviews Ralph Poynter, Husband of Civil Rights Attorney Lynne Stewart’

The Sky Is Pink – Short Film About Mainstream Media / Politician Lies About Fracking – by Josh Fox’

Prof. Jim Fetzer Free Your Mind 2 presentation 4-26-2013 part 1’

Baltimore to record ALL conversations on city buses’

Deborah Small – War On Drugs Is Against Blacks & Poor’

OCCUPY THE COURTS, Free Lynne Stewart 2/29/12’

The Power Behind the New World Order (Full Documentary)’


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