Videos from 2012 & 2011 – Peaceful Sit-In (and unnecessary arrests) to raise awareness in SUPPORT of Mr. Schneiderman and Mr. Obama doing the right thing NOW!

Peaceful sit-in and arrests to raise awareness of the LAGGING of Mr. Schneiderman and Mr. Obama to actually DO SOMETHING to immediately stop any future illegal forclosures. If they don’t step up, THE PEOPLE WILL!

Other examples of people engaging in what’s known as DIRECT ACTION…

Backbone Campaign – Credit Union Organizer –
*** Uncut NYC Youtube Page *** –
Protesters hold teach-in INSIDE TWO branches of “Bankrupting America” in Lower East Side in Manhattan –

Other forms of peaceful protest….

Direct action housing advocates who firmly believe that’s it’s a HUMAN RIGHT for people to have shelter –
Members of teach people how to do Direct Action with Auctioneer Song , Newsletter –

City Life Vida Urbana – Direct action housing advocates in Boston, MA

Move your money out of Wall St. banks that are illegally foreclosing on people’s homes! , , , , (& 2) , (2,3,4,5,6) ,

Web of Debt – An Interview with Dr. Ellen Brown (excerpt)

A 12-year old girl explains why most of the world, is in debt (and how we can get out of it) ( & 2)


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