Trayvon Martin Rallies, Music Videos NYC & LA

Justice / Trayvon Martin – Study War by Moby (4:19)

“I Felt Like It Was My Son”: Thousands Protest George Zimmerman Acquittal in Trayvon Martin Killing (7:44)

March 2012 – Million Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin – Union Square, New York City (2:24)

Justice for Trayvon – March 2012 (7:47)

Million Hoodies March for Trayvon Martin – Union Square, New York City 3/12 (1:22)

Trayvon Martin Rally – Union Square (9:55)


Fox 5 – Times Square Shut Down – Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman Protestors – July 15th, 2013 (2:16)

Thousands Protest in New York Over Zimmerman Acquittal (1:19)

Trayvon Martin Vigil in Washington Heights NYC July 17, 2013 (1:01)

En Espanol – Trayvon Martin Vigils in Washington Heights New York (3:15)

Rally for trayvon Martin in Harlem New York (1:27)

Trayvon Martin Rally – Union Square, New York City – Interview with Former Sanford, Florida Resident (3:08)

Trayvon Martin Protests NYC Times Square 7/14/13 (:38)

Police Break up Trayvon Martin Protest in Los Angeles California – Part 1 (5:39)

LA Trayvon Martin Protestors Fight With Police After Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict (1:44)

Trayvon Martin Union Square NYC March July 14 2013 Part 1 (1:16)

Trayvon Martin Union Square NYC March July 14 2013 Part 2 (:25)

Trayvon Martin Union Square NYC March July 14 2013 Part 3 (1:10)

Trayvon Martin Union Square NYC March July 14 2013 Part 4 (:45)

Trayvon Martin Protests NYC Times Square 7/14/13 EXPLICIT (:51)

Beyonce Pays Tribute To Trayvon Martin Live (1:22)

Music Video – “Warning” for Trayvon Martin & All of Us (5:10)

Trayvon martin march occupy union square ows 3/12 – (6:48)

Trayvon Flyer

Trayvon Martin:

  1. Was an honor student with a 3.7 GPA.
  2. Was accepted at a college on a full ride
  3. Was a volunteer of 600 service hours
  4. Was a devoted member of his church
  5. Was a loyal friend & a loving son
  6. Was an INNOCENT boy

No more divide and conquer. We stand for all. We stand in support of the family of ‪#‎TrayvonMartin‬ and his memory. He did not die in vain. He was the 99% with promise and potential. Capitalism and Racism legitimize each other. We need something brand new and we need it now.

Join one of the many actions against the unjust acquittal of George Zimmerman for the killing of Trayvon Martin today in over 40 cities. Come to express your sorrow, your rage, and your continuing demand for justice for Trayvon and beyond.

#HoodiesUp #NoJustice


George Zimmerman found NOT GUILTY



5 p.m.- Gather at Union Square
14 St. & Broadway – Manhattan

The verdict is a racist denial of justice,
we will #riseup4trayvon

To demand:

  • No to racism, police brutality and racial profiling!

  • Jobs and schools, not jails!

  • End mass incarceration and deportations!

  • End stop & frisk and the war on youth!

Plan to hold justice assemblies in downtown squares, in communities, at schools and at busy street corners in your city or town.  Distribute flyers; hold youth and community speak outs, marches and protests. The murder of Trayvon Martin should be generalized with other local cases of atrocities against youth, especially youth of color.

It’s critical at this moment for the movement to define this issue rather than the big business media or those who have little interest in defending Black, Latino/a, Indigenous and poor youth.

We are issuing this emergency call because the justice system has failed. It is riddled with racism and class bias. It is a system that jails over 2.3 million mainly people of color and keeps another 5 million under the repressive thumb of parole and probation status and a system that is not successfully prosecuting racist police or wanna’be cops like Zimmerman.

Show your outrage and solidarity in the streets & on social media. Use the hashtags:


Send us your rally, speak out and event information along with general support for this call to: Post to us on Facebook at

This call was issued by the Baltimore Peoples Power Assembly, founded at the 10,000 person March 26, 2012, Trayvon Martin demonstration in Baltimore City which shut downtown Baltimore and City Hall down for five hours. Organizers called for a people’s vote and the convening of the June 30, 2012 Peoples Assembly to Stop Police Terror and Abuse. Go
Call: 410-218-4835 or 410-500-2168 or 212-633-6646.

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