Over 5000 Public Comments Against the Pipeline, Only 22 For It.. Yet It’s Being Built And It Will Bring Radioactive Gas To NYC? WTFrack?

***** Al Appleton – Former NYC Commissioner of Dept of Environmental Protection ****** – MUST SEE!

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Imagine There's No Fracking... Love, Yoko & Sean


The Last Stand with Spectra Pipeline. NYC Needs You!

Saturday, December 1, 2012
1:00pm until ?

Gansevoort pier and Hudson River Greenway

Defend and Protect NYC from fracking!

Stand up against Spectra Pipeline NOW!

Please bring a picture of what you are protecting- family, friends, water, home, lover, etc. to help us make a strong image. Wear green! Also instruments! (if you are interested in a Civil Disobedience training, please arrive at 12pm at the Brecht Forum courtyard on Bank and West St.

We have been steadily fighting Spectra’s fracked gas pipeline in the West Village over the last year. Hundreds of you have joined us in rallies, marches, direct actions, civil disobedience trainings and more. Now, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, while New Yorkers are still struggling to get back on their feet and recover, Spectra is swooping in, even after their promised embargo on construction, to finish the job.

They are banking on us not putting up a fight.

They don’t know us very well, do they?

We will not go quietly. Even if they finish construction of the pipeline, we will not let one drop of gas go through. We are calling on you to come out and stand up for NY.

Spread the word and bring everyone you know.

Thank you.
in solidarity,
Occupy the Pipeline


It’s three blocks south of 14th st on the West Side highway at the Sanitation Pier. Gansevoort st and Hudson River Greenway. you can take the L train to 8th ave, the 1,2,3 to 14th st, the ACE to 14th st.


From Sane Energy Project:

How is it that construction is being finalized this weekend when the court case against it won’t even happen until December 18th? Because that’s the way FERC (the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) operates. Spectra was given permission to start construction despite the fact that we have a state-level lawsuit pending. Despite the fact that multiple environmental groups called for a rehearing of their decision. Despite the fact that a federal-level lawsuit won’t even begin for another 3 weeks. Despite the fact that thousands of citizens have expressed their opposition via comments to FERC, letters to multiple representatives of state, federal and local government. Despite nearly continous actions and protests at the site that have resulted in 8 arrests.

FERC is an agency funded by the industry it is supposed to regulate, and its mandate is to expedite energy projects no matter the degree of public opposition. As one of our favorite rabble rousers has famously said, “What we have here is a democracy problem.”

This is our last chance to stop construction.

Starting at 8pm Friday and continuing until 5am Monday, Spectra will begin the “pullback.” This is where they pull the pipe back through the hole they’ve drilled under the river, in one long continuous, uninterruptible operation. Once this is in place, there are only 2 minor connections that need to be made on the New York side before this pipeline becomes operational in November of 2013. The bulk of the work will be completed this weekend and finish by Dec. 15th, when they shut down for winter. (They were granted an extention from Nov. 1st, when they were originally due to leave the site, but were interuppted by Sandy).

Our court hearing happens THREE DAYS AFTER THEY LEAVE THE SITE! This is not democracy.

Congressman Jerrold Nadler represents the West Village and sits on the powerful Subcommittee for Railroads, Pipelines, and Hazardous Materials. Tell him: Congressman Nadler, we are calling on you to intervene to stop the pullback from starting. PLEASE STOP THE SPECTRA PIPELINE. Please use the power of your office to call on FERC to halt construction until the lawsuit against the HRPT (Hudson River Park Trust) has been decided. That suit won’t even go to court until Dec. 18th, and probably won’t be decided until the new year. How can you allow a pipeline to be built in your district against the wishes of your constituents and all environmentally conscious New Yorkers when the case against it has not yet been heard? We want you to know, loud and clear, that we do not support ANY new gas pipelines in New York City or New York State. We oppose the Spectra pipeline, the Rockaway pipeline, and the Constitution pipeline. We oppose all pipelines that will transport and deliver marcellus shale or any fracked gas. Please do not allow this undemocratic system to overrule what citizens have called for!

CALL. This is not a time for email. CALL!

NYC office: (212) 367-7350

Brooklyn office: (718) 373-3198

DC office: (202) 225-5635

Pipelines mean fracking.

Pipelines means lost emissions and air pollution. Pipelines mean export. Pipelines put lives at risk. This situation with Spectra will be repeated over and over again with every coming pipeline. We must understand that this is a long fight for democracy, not just to defeat any particular pipeline. We must keep fighting–this is one battle, not the war. Thank you for what you’re doing.


Spectra Showdown! – August 13, 2012

CURRENT news about the fight against the Spectra Pipeline here: OCCUPYTHEPIPELINE.BLOGSPOT.COM

CARP – Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline – http://http://carpny.org

August 13, 2012 – Crews have already been doing prep work at the site of the Spectra gas pipeline. NOW–word has come down that Spectra plans to start moving heavy drilling equipment into place at the Gansevoort Peninsula TOMORROW. This equipment will be used to drill under the riverbed and start the process of laying the pipe itself. Sane Energy Project’s legal team is working frantically to halt construction. Meanwhile, our friends at OWS have organized the Spectra Showdown a “welcoming committe” in the best Occupy tradition. Bring your signs, t-shirts, noisemakers, and music to tell Spectra, “Go ahead, make my day.” 5:30pm, Monday, August 13th, at Gansevoort and Hudson River Greenway. Cross the West Side Highway at 14th Street or Horatio Street

Occupy Swoops into West Village Like Batman!

photos courtesy Erik McGregor

The Occupy Spectra event last Thursday night was a huge success–massive thanks to OWS and everyone who came out for it! Nearly 200 people gathered at the Toddler’s Playground for a pre-march rally, then filled the streets of the West Village’s meatpacking district, entertaining crowds of cafe-goers with chants, dancing, and a confetti cannon that signaled a slow-motion “explosion die-in.” The Illuminator lit up surrounding buildings with batman-like projections exhorting folks to “Stop the Spectra Pipeline” and the classic “99%” logo. At least 2,000 copies of our famous pink flyers were handed out. Video of the event can be found here; coverage in The Examiner is here. Police were present and thanked demonstrators for their peaceful behavior (even though they ticketed the Illuminator). Please join us tomorrow and make it an equally effective action!

Help us Stop the Spectra Pipeline!

Sane Energy Project has launched a federal legal action against this pipeline. Now, we are about to launch an additional lawsuit aimed at halting construction. We cannot manage this without your support; we are an unfunded, 100% volunteer organization. If you understand that this pipeline is a danger to every resident of the 5 boroughs, and every resident of the Marcellus Shale, then please give. Just $15 from each of our members would be enough to fund the suits. Winning this fight is up to you. Please donate to the legal fund right away and thank you for your generosity!

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