NYC Spraying Plan for 2013 – More Ways To Make New Yorkers and Animal Life Sick

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Really that is more b s than I have seen in a long time . Not that every government document doesn’t strive to this level of perfection – but if there is a prize, this is a very serious contender.

After reading do we know what they are spraying, when they are spraying it and what the risks of the sprayed materials are ……. ? Hmmm  … Lotta words in there . Licence to do just about anything.

Again – they  are spraying  millions  – because of 6 deaths….which cannot be guaranteed to be from WN …. Can it be possible that we allow this ?

Again -The chances of  dying from WNV is less than being hit by lightening ……

I know, I know – you all know this  – but here are some links to pass along  to the criminally uninformed……


Pesticides linked to :  cancer, endocrine disruption ,  infertility and reproductive problems:        

Cancer – an estimated 500,000 to 600,000 deaths per year //// West Nile  300 or less
Endocrine disruption ,  infertility and reproductive problems : :
Supression of the immune system & neurotoxic defects
Pesticide Use  can prevent people from developing natural immunities –  As of Sept 09 almost 3 million developed antibodies
from being infected
Pesticide Illnesses and Deaths are not being calculated  This excellent video of a man who DID  collect the data shows that in the Monteray Peninsula there were   643 reports of illness after sprayings in 2007 for the Apple moth
Mike Lynberg interview
see the full report here:
Health Effects of Pesticides (Pesticide induced diseases )
National Alliance for Informed Mosquito Management (AIMM) Mission ( 2005)
Pesticides can affect much more than just the target pest. They are linked to adverse health effects including asthma, endocrine disruption, and cancer, and can be harmful or fatal to wildlife such as bees and other beneficial insects, fish, birds and aquatic ecosystems. Very little is known about long-term affects of low-dose, cumulative, combined, or synergistic exposure to pesticides.
Pesticide Registration not a Guarantee of Safety 1990’s –  but much of the info and the process that is  explained is still valid in 2012 – including an understanding    of “EPA registered “low toxicity pesticides”
Ineffectiveness of Pesticides at Controlling Mosquito Populations (Circa 2003?)
Learning from West Nile   Sept  15, 2003  pesticide applications may actually make  some people more susceptible -and there are the many other unknown or uncharted effects of the chemicals.  ( Sumithrin and Permethrin mentioned here among others
U Minnesota study found   67,000 pesticide poisonings ….. Due to gaps in the demographic data, however, this figure may represent only 73% of the total number of poisonings (Pimentel and Greiner 1996)…. there is evidence to suggest that many other
acute and chronic maladies are associated with pesticide use. ……  Also, a large body of evidence …suggests that pesticides can produce immune dysfunction (Thomas and House 1989)…… There is also growing evidence of sterility in humans and various other animals…..……
Resistant strains – Antibiotic manufacturers headed for bigger profits, while 60 % of desease specialists say they have encountered diseases  resistant to every antibiotic
West Nile Virus and Mosquito Control (David Pimentel) – (2003? ) by renowned Cornell Entymologist  who has studied the efficacy of pesticides and west nile virus for years.
“Based on the fact that many billions of spray droplets are produced per kilogram of insecticide for both ground and aerial spraying, less than 0.0001% of the insecticide applied is reaching the target mosquitoes. … 99.999% of the insecticide spreads into the environment, when it can cause public health and other environmental problems.”
Residential Low Level exposure such as found in  residential uses also not safe – Long term, low level exposure can lead to compounded accumulative effects  or syngergistic effects . Some of the same pesticides are on your foods, also without your awareness or any alert to symptoms –  Also the target insects build up resistance to the pesticides
requiring more intense doses  .
Threat of West Nile  overblown  & Alternatives not being considered
NY Times – Aug 25 2012 – are the cases of west nile comparatively worth the risk – flu accounts for up to 36,000 deaths – WNV only several hundreds –
West Nile Virus may never have been isolated and may not be the agent responsible for the deaths attributed to it.  Environmental pollution might possibly be the source and the WNV scare may be propaganda to divert from the real cause  –
1/3 of symptoms Jan top Aug of 2012  are from blood transfusions

Menningitis ( per handout by Abington PA Schools  in 2000 ) 10-25% of people are “carriers” and it is not known why they develop the disease. If they happen to succumb to it – and are also bitten by a West Nile carrying mosquito that may have had no effect, are the two confused…”
And of course,  we should consider the inherent trust we have in the makers of pesticides
EPA reports Scotts paid 8  million for violating law with regard to pesticide registration & use  9-8-12 (separate press release stated 12.5 million ) 

United States
: From 1999 through 2001, the CDC confirmed 149 infections, 18 deaths.
2002 – 4,156 cases/ 284 fatalities. Thirteen cases contracted through blood transfusion.
2003 – 9,862 cases/ 264 deaths 30% of those cases were considered severe, -meningitis or encephalitis.
2004 2,539 cases/ 100 deaths
2005- 3,000 cases /119 deaths
2006-, 4,269 cases /177 deaths.
2007- 3,623 / 124 deaths .  ( 1,227 cases of neuroinvasion per
2008 – 236 cases /  2 deaths
2009 –  663 cases / 32 deaths
2010 – 1021 cases / 57 deaths  ( vs 100’s of thousands of deaths  from cancer, 10’s of thousands from flu )
2011 – 712 cases  / 43 deaths nationwide ( compare to 572,000 from cancer 40,000 from flu, 450 from tylenol )
2012  – as of 8-23-12 —-   41 deaths nationwide – none in PA .  8 cases in pa 5 serious – 3 from transfusion –

WNV  Deaths by comparison

Cancer – close to  600,000 deaths anticipated per year    //// West Nile  300 or less  (565 in 2012 as of Oct 23)
Flu: an estimated 30 – 40,000 deaths anticipated per year  ///// West Nile  300 or less
(also: Evidence grows for narcolepsy link to GSK swine flu shot 22 Jan 2013 – 800 children in Sweden& elsewhere)
Lightening -chances of being struck  1 in 1,000,000 ///   West Nile less than that
Flu Shot  deaths  779  in the U.S  per  VAERS –
H1N1 42 deaths
Very little information is given on cancer deaths, vaccine deaths etc

Deaths from Pesticides:Worldwide counts of poisonings and  deaths

The World Health Organization 9,000 to 15,000 chart lists 30-50 deaths per million in accidental deaths from pesticides for 300 million people.  That is equivalent to 9,000 to 15,000  deaths per year in the US
Permethrin, being used in our neighborhoods is an agrochemical used to treat crops and livestock  so multiple exposures  would be difficult to control
Natural Predators  are killed by the same  pesticides intended for West Nile or the have their immune systems compromised making them more susceptible to other causes of death  ( bids, bats dragonflies)  Theses predators do not rebound as quickly, so their demise can cause a larger future  crop of mosquitos, minus their natural predators.
In Reregistration (EPA) reported 14 to 46 cases of potential DEET-associated seizures, including 4 deaths….
Bees and aquatic life – see the labels of the pesticides ie:
Human : World Health Organization task group indicates that there may be 1 million serious unintentional poisonings each year
increased rates of cancer and increased use of pesticides coincide
Sometimes causes of  deaths are unknown or unspecific- sometimes known    to be pesticides  but so many who are exposed don’t know they have been.  So results cannot even  be measured.

U Minnesota study (1990’s or early 200’s?) found  About 67,000 pesticide poisonings resulting in an estimated twenty-seven accidental fatalities   are reported each year in the US (Litovitz et al. 1990). Due to gaps in the demographic data, however, this figure may represent only 73% of the total number of poisonings …..


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