Stop the 4th Year of the Slaughter of Innocent Geese (and Other Birds) With Our NYC Tax Dollars!

Press Conference Footage 6/26/13
Merchant’s Gate (Columbus Circle) Central Park – 5pm

***** Press Conference ******

Part 1 ( 11:09 ) –
Part 2 ( 17:59 ) –

Pre-Press Conference:

Part 1 ( 8:00 ) –
Part 2 ( 5:18 ) –

The Problem in a Nutshell:
Proposed Solutions: –

Killing Geese
Killing Geese 2
Killing Geese 3

GooseWatch NYC- ,
In Defense of Animals –
United States Humane Society –
Friends of Animals –
Predator Defense –

GooseWatch held a press conference and rally at Central Park on Friday 6/28/13 with In Defense of Animals to speak out against the killing of Canada geese in New York City parks, and announce support from Ken Paskar, President of Friends of La Guardia Airport and former lead safety representative for the FAA Safety Team. Mr. Paskar will address the fallacy that killing geese improves aviation safety and reduces bird strikes. Speakers will also include GooseWatch NYC’s David Karopkin, Anja Heister, M.S. Biologist and Director of the Wild and Free-Habitats Campaign at In Defense of Animals, Edita Birnkrant, NY Director of Friends of Animals and NYC Wildlife Advocate Mary Beth Purdy Artz. Additional notable speakers will be announced. Please join advocates from across New York City and beyond to speak out against NYC’s Canada goose slaughter. More details are forthcoming and a media advisory will be distributed early next week.

Press Conference and Rally for the Geese
Wed. June 26, 2013

5pm at Merchant’s Gate (Columbus Circle) Central Park
Friends of La Guardia Airport is a not-for-profit organization which fosters safety, commerce and efficient airport and airspace operations at La Guardia Airport and the surrounding NYC Metro area. Mr. Paskar also heads up AvTeam, a New York City based aviation consulting firm. He serves on the membership committee of the Wings Club and the legislative committee for the New York Aviation Management Association. Mr. Paskar also serves as an Airport Support Network Volunteer for the 400,000 member Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association.

Known Roundups this week of 6/21/13:

•Westside Greenway at 59th Street – 6:15 AM Wednesday
•Inwood Hill Park – 7:30 AM Wednesday
•College Point Queens – Appx. 8 AM Thursday

Press this week:

• New York Observer – Soylent Geese: Inwood Bird Slaughter has Animal Activists Crowing
• NY Daily News: A Dozen Geese Slaughtered in Inwood Hill Park
• Fox 5 NY – Residents Upset Over Killing of Canada Geese in Inwood Hill Park (30:41-33:07)
• AnimalNY – Ten Inwood Hill Park Geese Slaughtered by USDA


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