NYC Rally in Support of Edward Snowden

Former NSA Admits We ALREADY Live in a Full Surveillance State with Basically NO Electronic Communications Privacy – War on Whistleblowers

Protect Your Digital Rights! – Electronic Frontier Foundation –

Restore the Forth - NYC


MORE ON SPYING (Must Watch!):

We need to either a) dismantle this apparatus and it’s support system or b) SEIZE the technology but use it for good purposes… if that’s possible. We have a government above our government and THE PEOPLE MUST start informing each other and EXPOSING this power structure so that we can get rid of it’s grip on humanity. We must do this NOW. Hold politicians and other criminals accountable. We have the ability to do this. But it requires our immediate participation, our courage, our imagination, our creativity and our leadership. Please get involved in democratic decision-making, in organizing, & in protecting the rights of all human beings on earth. Start showing up to things! we must start directly supporting as many socially positive events as possible. To create the world we so desperately need. One that is based on shared-human values (truth, generosity, appreciation/thankfulness, respect, dignity, justice, life, love, good health, laughter, critical thinking, creativity, fun, imagination, & connection with other people and planet earth). And not based on lies, lack of feeling, selfishness, plundering, exploitation, oppression, fear, terror, death, psychopathy, brutality, dominance & control.


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