1000 Days in Jail for Bradley Manning? While NO ONE Jailed for Psychopathic / Genocidal Crimes Against Humanity, 9/11 Coverup, Mainstream Media Corruption, Wall Street Raiding Public Funds & Wrecking Economy? What’s Wrong With This Picture?

If you do not approve of what our U.S. Government is doing to Bradley Manning & Julian Assange, PLEASE DO SOMETHING! LEARN MORE ABOUT WHAT’S HAPPENING! SIGN PETITIONS. COME TO RALLIES, TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS! ORGANIZE PHONE CALL CAMPAIGNS TO ELECTED “LEADERS”. Only pressure from The People will set these two individuals free from U.S. Government abuses. And this would help towards winning OUR OWN freedom from oppression and government abuses and lies.

THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW! Use our free-speech rights NOW, EN MASSE, or lose them!


Susan Lindauer MUST SEE!

A Call To The Invisible Army Of The Restoration Of Liberty


Stop the Crimes of Your Government  

Progress on fundraisingLast Thursday in The New York times.  Donate towards publishing the Close Guantanamo Nowstatement in alternative & international media.



The most significant trial ever of a whistleblower against U.S. wars will start Monday in a military court at Ft. Meade, MD. Bradley Manning came to the world’s attention three years ago, when, as an Army Private in intelligence, he was jailed by the military in Kuwait, and, for almost a year, held in solitary confinement at Quantico VA at the Marine base.

Bradley Manning is in prison for telling the truth

Worldwide protest erupted against his cruel imprisonment, before charges, and he was subsequently moved to Ft. Leavenworth, KS. In 2012, the government charged him with very serious crimes, which could possibly carry a death sentence. Last February, Bradley accepted responsibility for sharing some information with Wikileaks. (LEAKED AUDIO)

Watch Collateral Murder

Collateral Murder is the military’s own video of 12 Iraqis being shot and killed from a US helicopter circling above. No one has been charged in connection with these killings. However, Pfc. Bradley Manning is going on trial because of it — he is accused of leaking this incriminating video to Wikileaks. World Can’t Wait is distributing copies of this harrowing video so that many more people in the US see what is being done in their names.Click here to request a copy.

Revolution newspaper, in High Stakes in the Cruel and Unjust Trial of Bradley Manning explains that,

“the basis of the charges against Manning is the accusation that he leaked almost 500,000 classified government documents, which were then published by the website WikiLeaks. Many of these documents and files revealed war crimes committed by the U.S. government and its military in Iraq and elsewhere. The documents Manning is charged with leaking include the Collateral Murder video, Afghanistan War Logs, Iraq War Logs, U.S. State Embassy cables, and Guantánamo files. All of them contain damning evidence of U.S. atrocities, cover-ups, and deceit.”

Everyone who cares about humanity, and opposes the unjust, immoral and illegitimate U.S. wars since 9/11, owes a debt to Bradley for sharing information on the crimes associated with those occupations. Daniel Ellsberg writes:

An appeal from Daniel Ellsberg
“During the Vietnam War I worked in the Pentagon under Robert McNamara. In Vietnam, my background as a Marine officer allowed me to walk with the troops in combat and see the war up close. What I found was a costly, immoral war that could not be allowed to continue.

“My decision to reveal the top secret Pentagon Papers to the American public was an act of conscience. These documents showed that we were in a destructive, wrongful war, and that we had entered that war under false pretenses. My hope was that, armed with this truth, the American people could act to end that war.”

Continue reading, and hear his call for support of Bradley Manning…

Get on the busJoin events worldwide to support Bradley Manning, and especially at Ft. Meade Saturday June 1

Click here for bus tickets from various east coast cities to Ft. Meade

Obama Promise Represents No “fresh start” for Guantanamo prisoners

by Curt Wechsler, Editor, FireJohnYoo.org

Much has been made recently of the President’s moral angst over dereliction of leadership in restoring the fundamental right to due process, and his attribution of blame for the barbaric experiment of indefinite detention displayed at America’s premiere torture camp:

“…history will cast a harsh judgment on this aspect of our fight against terrorism and those of us who fail to end it.  Imagine a future — 10 years from now or 20 years from now — when the United States of America is still holding people who have been charged with no crime on a piece of land that is not part of our country.  Look at the current situation, where we are force-feeding detainees who are being held on a hunger strike… Is this who we are?  Is that something our Founders foresaw?  Is that the America we want to leave our children?”

But what consequence, if any, does Obama’s self-indulgent exploration of personal accountability hold for the future of the men suffering the ultimate price of imperial subterfuge, the torture of force-feeding employed to postpone the public relations nightmare of prison death?

The answer to the President’s question “Is this who we are?” is a resounding NO. The broad range of individuals signing World Can’t Wait’s call to Close Guantanamo NOW confirms the presence of a large mass of people who refuse to accept the crimes being committed in their names.

1665 days since voters first delegated responsibility for Guantanamo to Barack Obama
113 days of prisoner hunger strike
6 days since Barack Obama said again that he wants to Close Guantanamo
4 prisoners have died under his administration of that shameful experiment in illegal detention.
Of the 166 remaining, 157 have never been charged with any crime. 86 men have been cleared but denied release.

The Close Guantanamo NOW statement is more relevant than ever.  Be part of sending that message.  Sign it and donate towards publishing it very soon in alternative and international media.

Debra Sweet, Director, The World Can’t Wait

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