Please NYC, Hold Your Politicans ACCOUNTABLE, THEY ARE ENGAGING IN WAR CRIMES! And Are Allowing Corporations to Pollute and Make People Sick! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FAR AWAY. Learn the Truth! Then HOLD POLITICANS ACCOUNTABLE!

MUST SEE… Ralph Nader: Don’t Vote for Evil, US Double Standards, Vote for CA Props

Cornel West: ‘Obama is a War Criminal’ for Drone Strikes

Hit PLAY button below for full interview:

3/9/13 – Langley, Virginia – Ray McGovern Former CIA Analyst Speaks out at the CIA HQ

*** MUST SEE ***
The ’93 WTC attacks: Al Qaeda/CIA Operatives & The F.B.I.


Obama Worse Than Bush!

Dr Cornel West to Obama – You didn’t deserve to use MLK Jr’s Bible at inauguration

Ralph Nader: Obama Bigger War Criminal Than Bush

Ralph Nader: Impeach Obama for Libya, War Crimes Ralph Nader

Obama’s War Crimes: The U.S. Drone War


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