Single Payer Healthcare (Medicare For All)

The following article is from an e-mail I received last fall from Lower East Side MD / Activist Dr. Dave Ores… with the subject: Dr. Dave Health Care Rant. All New Yorkers should read this… And then DEMAND implementation of a NATIONAL SINGLE PAYER health care system. NOW! As Cynthia McKinney says, “What kind of society places an insurance bureaucrat between a doctor and a sick person?”


“Everyone cares deeply about national health care policy……eventually.”

– David J. Ores, MD    NYC   2011


“I have a dream.  That one day ALL Americans will have the national, rational,  single-payer,  NOT FOR PROFIT health care system they need and deserve. 

That all people that live and work in America can see a doctor when they need one and get the medicines and procedures they need that will hold their lives and families together in the embrace of good health.   I have a dream.”

– David J. Ores, MD    NYC   2011


America deserves and needs a National & Rational not-for-profit Health System for all Americans which is NOT connected to their employment or lack thereof.    Something like FEDEX,  but called MEDEX.   The not-for-profit aspect is the most essential and crucial feature.

FACT:    It is LESS EXPENSIVE to treat all men, women and children as early as possible in their disease process.   Illness gets 100 times more expensive and dangerous and horrible if you “wait till later”.

FACT:  Everyone grows old and everyone dies.  100%.   We will ALL need health care during life and definitely near the end of life.  All of us.

FACT:  MEDEX would have very powerful buying power which would DRIVE DOWN the cost of all medications and medical services / procedures by 1000%.

FACT:  All workers in MEDEX would be unionized to help insure basic rights, high salaries and necessary labor / worker protections.   (PS – none of them would need health insurance of a health care plan.  No one would.   A giant savings for ALL employers and corporations in America). 

Example:   No employee at TOYOTA has any health benefits OR any health insurance.   No one.   This represents a big savings for TOYOTA.  As a result,  they can make and sell their cars for less on the global market.  Big Dumb American companies pay HUGE amounts for employee health care,  health insurance, health benefits….etc.    As a result,  American cars cost MORE per unit.   All American stuff costs more per unit for the exact same reason.  Because of built in health care cost for the employees.     This means LESS growth.  Less sales.   Fewer jobs.   Less new hires.   It’s tragic.      Corporations should not be forced to pay for America’s health care.  America should pay for America’s health care.   Corporations have their own problems to deal with. 
FACT:  So called “Health Insurance”  does not even insure anyone’s health.  They protect your assets.  Your stuff.     Not you.  Not your health.   So called “Health Insurance” corporations cannot diagnose anything. They cannot prescribe anything.  So called “Health Insurance” corporations cannot treat any illness.   They just collect all the money and keep it.  They insure nothing. They protect nothing. They only take all your money…. and keep it. 

FACT:   A  “Co-pay”  is actually a “You Pay”.    Ha! Ha!   The joke is on you!

FACT:  A new national Health System  (MEDEX) would quickly create millions of high paying jobs.  Doctors, nurses, support staff, admin staff, technical staff, computer jobs …etc.   All working for MEDEX.    None of these workers would need health insurance.  No one will.  Health care would be part of normal American life.   Like tap water and indoor plumbing.    Not a special treat.

MEDEX would pay these workers a lot because we want high quality , well trained competent workers in MEDEX.  Since MEDEX makes no profits and has no shareholders,  the mission is high quality care and happy,  well paid workers who love their jobs and are lucky / happy to have those jobs is a large part of that mission.    

FACT:   For Profit insurance / medicine scheme in effect today excludes several important groups of Americans.  The very old  (over 65).  All of our proud military heroes &  wounded warriors.   The mentally Ill.   The poor.  The unemployed.  The working poor.  The indigent.  The undocumented hard working visitors.   And (if you can believe it)  people with so called “pre existing conditions”.     All of these people are excluded from so called “health insurance” scheme.

These unfortunates are DUMPED onto Medicaid, Medicare, the cold hard streets, the prison system and the ER.  And at who’s expense?  Your expense,  dummy.  All these millions of persons eventually end up in the ER or in an ambulance….  And bingo!  Your tax dollars at work.   Billions and billions of your tax dollars.  

Again, it is LESS expensive to treat all these people earlier in the disease process as opposed to never. They ALL end up in the ER or on Medicaid.

And all the while the For Profit Corporations suck of all the “cream”  of the health service industry.  There is ONE group health insurance corporations want in their clutches.  That’s is the “health wealthy”.   All money. No sickness.  Lot’s of screening.

FACT:  Most American home foreclosures are due to an “unexpected” medical expense.  If there were National not for profit health service, all these millions of Americans would be able to KEEP their homes.  Wow!  How much ripple effect destruction on the economy does that cause?  Trillions?

FACT:   There is NO risk or chance at all in the health service business. None at all.  That is a giant hoax.  A trick.   A deception.  Therefore the very idea of “Health Insurance” is a scam.  A racket.  

How many people get sick and in what way is a KNOWN number.  These are called statistics.  Actuary statistics.    They are extremely accurate because the numbers of people (300 million) and the number of years they have been collected  (over 300 years)  are both huge.    We as a people, know the exact cost for health services for the entre population every year.  Every heart attack, every broken hip, every diabetic coma, every infection… all of it.   We have statistics and data on all of it.   Down to the penny. 

The Casino Analogy:   The health insurance scam is constructed much like a very abusive version of a Roulette Wheel in a casino.   The wheel has 18 red spots and 18 black spots, but it has also TWO green spots.   So the ODDS of hitting Red is not 50/50.  It is 18 out of 38.   Not 18 out of 36.  A small but critical difference.   If you bet one billion dollars cash on RED, you might win a lot of money or you might lose a lot of money.  That is true.

But, if you bet ONE DOLLAR on RED ….. one billion times…. That is one billion wheel spins…  you would win 18 out of 38 times EXACTLY.  And the “house” would win 20 times out of 38 spins EXACTLY.  Not sort of. Not maybe. Not possibly.  But EXACTLY. 

How could this be?  If the wheel spins over 1000 times or 10,000 times…. Or million times….  The house ALWAYS wins 52 % of the time.  ALWAYS. That is a fact.  The is no chance or a risk.   

Another way to look at is imagine a six sided die.  Like used for gaming.  If you roll that die ONCE, there is a one in six “chance” you will get a 2.    But, if you roll that die SIX MILLION times, you will get each of the six numbers one million times…. EXACTLY.    With high numbers the “risk” goes away. 

How does this relate to the American health insurance scam.  If you have 50 million people in your scam plan,  you know exactly how many of each illness you will have each year.  EXACTLY.  Even if it is plus or minus 5%….. you still know the amount and type of each illness and therefore the COST.  You don’t know WHO will get WHAT.  But that does not effect the total COST of all services needed.   That stays the same. 

So the “insurance” corporation  aka “The House” always wins.  But, instead of the customary 2% advantage,  the “health insurance” scam collects a whopping 30% advantage (or more). 

Imagine a Roulette wheel with 5 red spots and 5 black spots and 28 GREEN spots that belong to the house.  Now do you get it?

Looking at the entire population, there is NO RISK or CHANCE involved. 

And guess what?   It is 100 times (or 1000 times) less expensive to just PAY for each any every illness  “out of pocket”  as a nation.    It cost way more to GIVE insurance companies BILLIONS of dollars and beg for a few dollars back. 

Insurance Corporations sell so called “health insurance”  through the FEAR that YOU might get sick or have some sort of life destroying illness.  Then you will lose all your stuff… UNLESS you have “health insurance” .  That is a LIE.  A big fat LIE.  There is no “might”.    There is no “maybe”.    There is no “risk”.  Not if you look at the entire group.  (see Casino analogy above)

It is known exactly how many people will get such and such disease every year.  Every day in fact.   In every State in the union.   It is a KNOWN number.  We just don’t know WHO will get which illness and when.  All that is missing is the name.

So why pay For-Profit Insurance Corporations BILLIONS of dollars every week?   For Profit Health Insurance corporations have no need to exist.   Like those guys who used to deliver large blocks of ice to homes.   They are no longer needed. 

The total cost of all the illnesses does not change.  For Profit Corporations just keep a large chunk of all that money.    And we STILL have to pay TAX DOLLARS  for all the illnesses ANYWAY!   Through Medicaid, though the ER, through Medicare, through thousands of patch work programs (State, Federal and local)  in the nation.

But, if you know the national cost of health services needed (and we do), we could,  as a group, as one nation, just agree to pay up front for all of it for everyone.  Like tap water.  Or highways.  Or street lights. Or police. Or all the fire departments. 

FIRE DEPARTMENT METAPHOR:    We do not know which house will catch fire this year, but we DO KNOW that X number of houses will catch fire this year.   We just don’t know the address. So, we have a fire DEPARTMENT ready to go in advance.   And the size, shape and resources we give to the fire department is based on the number of fires per year.  NOT the addresses or names of the locations of the fires.   We all agree to pay for the fire department for everyone to benefit from….if needed. 

National Health would be like Fire Departments.   We all pay a little each year for health care for everyone.  It will help ALL of us.  It would help our nation in these difficult times. 

FACT:   The working poor spend any money they get.    Imagine if ALL hard working Americans NO LONGER had to pay ANY health insurance bill each month?  AND their employer would increase their monthly PAYCHECK because no money would be extracted for HEALTH insurance.   So they get more money each month AND the have NO MORE HEALTH BILLS.    Not for themselves, their aging parents or their children.  None.  

Talk about stimulus! They would all buy groceries, pay rent, keep their homes, pay off their debt, start saving a few dollars…..and buy all sorts of stuff they need for their families.   Health care would become a natural and normal.   Like sidewalks.

WHAT IF WE USE FOR-PROFIT HEALTH SERVICES:     The alternative to not-for-profit care is what we have now.   A disaster.  It is not going well.   Sick people end up in the ER way later and way sicker (which is way more expensive with way more suffering and death). 

And we Americans PAY billions of dollars every week to PRIVATE FOR PROFIT corporations who just KEEP all that money. These are called  “insurance companies”   And we doctors and patients and hospitals have to BEG on our hands and knees to just get a TINY fraction of that money back for health services.   WTF!?!   Why pay them anything?   They don not need to exist!  They are like “the man behind the curtain”  as in the “Wizard of Oz”.  A phony.

If we Americans paid THE EXACT SAME MONEY into a FUND for ourselves, we could care for every man woman and child in the nation cradle to grave.   National NOT-FOR-PROFIT healthcare for all.     NOT connected to employment.   Like ALL other countries on Earth. 

These so called “insurance companies” have no reason to exist other than to enrich themselves.  They provide not one band aid. Not one arm cast.  Not one bed pan.  They provide exactly ZERO health services.  They just collect all our money and KEEP IT.  They are laughing all the way to the corrupt banks.

FACT:  Mission Statement.  The mission statement of a FOR PROFIT corporation is to increase share holder value.  To increase market share.   To REDUCE costs /services / expenses while increasing revenue.   The make more money $$$$$  

FACT: Mission Statement.   The mission statement of a NOT-FOR-PROFIT corporation (MEDEX) is to accomplish whatever their mission is with whatever money they have.  To do the best they can with what they got.  Examples are:  Amnesty International, The Red Cross…etc.   THEY HAVE NO SHAREHOLDERS.  THERE ARE NO PROFITS.     THEY ARE NOT TRADED ON WALL STREET. 

A NOT FOR PROFIT corporation is the correct instrument to provide care for people who are sick, dying, suffering and in need to health services.   Children’s brain cancer and chemotherapy should not be “profit centers”  That is immoral and unconscionable.

What can I do?  

1.      You can divest.    It’s that simple.  Divest.   That is what got Apartheid to collapse and go away.   It is immoral to own shares of any for profit health care company. It’s like owning shares of the company that makes low cost child killing land mines for war zones.   Sell them all.   Sell all your shares.  Shame others into selling theirs.  Buy Apple stock or something.

2.      Demand a Not-For-Profit National health are system for ALL people living and working in America. It has to be NOT FOR PROFIT.  It has to be National and equal for everyone.  It will probably need a platinum level for the wealthy, but that’s OK it’s ore money for MEDEX.      MEDEX .   It is less expensive for tax payers.  It is less expensive for you personally.  It is way less expensive for all USA Corporations who need to compete with foreign corporations who DO NOT pay for the health care of their workers. 

Everyone one has a MEDEX card. Everyone is “in”. 

What about the super wealthy?     You could run a parallel high end “platinum service”  at every hospital for the super rich.  Very private. Very high end level of service.  Personal Chef. Private elevators. Roses.  Large, private suites.  Private nurses….etc.   HBO.   Separate waiting rooms.  The works.   

If they want to pay 50,000 dollars to have their tonsils out, let them.   More money for MEDEX.   

Exclusive, fancy pants health care for the super wealthy.  And all that money would go into the general fund for ALL MEDEX users.  (not sucked off by a private “insurance corporation” as it is now)      Genius. 

Like first class seats on an airplane.  Their fancy tickets are $5000.00…. but they get there pretty much when coach gets there.   And they are on the same plane.  And their fat cat money goes to the same airline to keep the planes safe and operational for ALL passengers.    When a pane goes down, the entire plane goes down… not just coach.  Let them have first class.

Please keep in mind that I personally have no animosity against any corporation or insurance company.  None.  I am not against making huge profits.  Go ahead. Sell all the TVs you possibly can.    I am simply pointing out the TRUTH.  For-Profit Corporations should not be anywhere NEAR the health service business.  They are simply the wrong instrument for the job at hand.

One SINGLE,  not-for-profit corporation modeled after FEDEX (called MEDEX)  could handle the job quite nicely.   Health care 24 / 7 for ALL people who live and work in America,   cradle to grave.  NOT connected in anyway whatsoever to employment or job status.  Or to income.     The American health system would become the ENVY of all nations.      We could do National not-for-profit health care better than anyone on Earth.   It doesn’t have to be just a dream.

America needs and deserves a SINGLE not-for-profit National Health Service System.  Now more then ever.   We need the jobs.  We need to reduce government expenses.   We need to catch illnesses EARLY when they are CHEAPER to fix.  We need to STOP throwing away BILLIONS down the toilet in GIGANTIC cash give aways to unnecessary,   so called “health insurance” corporations.   We need to compete in the global market place against foreign corporations who PAY ZERO for employee health care. 

We as a people can do this.  We have National companies already.  Walmart,  Starbucks, McDonalds, there are hundreds of National Corporations.  We just need one that provides all our health care on a not for profit basis.  MEDEX.

Sickness, disease, illness, suffering and death should not be a FOR PROFIT business with shareholders and dividends with obscene FAT executive salaries and bonuses.  We have Wall Street for that.   For Profit health systems are cruel, inhumane and lack the compassion America is famous for.

We need National & Rational not-for-profit health care for all!  And we need it now!

Thank you

David J. Ores, MD   (aka Dr. Dave)

NYC  2011



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