Obama = Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing = The Great Deceiver


********* EMERGENCY NYC PEOPLES’ RESOLUTION – Latest Draft 4/6/14 ***********


If President Obama has any backbone left, he must use his power to PARDON OTHER political prisoners NOW! What’s still missing in this picture right now, unfortunatly, is a SIGNIFICANT NUMBER OF NEW YORKERS showing up in NUMBERS! It is our hope at Occupy Union Square that this changes immediately. Please make a personal commitment to stop these bad elements in our government and Wall St. And fight for justice for these individuals who are presently imprisoned. Lynne Stewart, Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, Leondard Peltier, Mumia-Abu Jamal, Assata Shakur, Cuban 5, Central Park 5, etc. etc. Until these people are free, WE ARE ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS! #WakeUpNYC #FreeLynneStewart http://www.tinyurl.com/FreeLynneStewart


Same Master Different Puppet…

or more crudely…

Same Shit Different Asshole

Please share URL: http://tinyurl.com/ObamaNotWelcomeInNYC


1) You help big companies & gangsters destroy the planet, lie to us, tank the economy, then get bailed out with the public’s hard earned money, and now you are putting the world population in danger with support of rogue state Israel in the Middle East, warmongering with Russia & China, and with the promotion of fracking, tar sands drilling & nuclear power
2) You do whatever your corporate paymasters tell you to do ( and then lie about it on public television )
3) You fail to prosecute war criminals because you’re afraid of shining light on you own war criminal ass.
4) You shed crocodile tears about domestic terrorist bombings and shootings while innocent men women and children are literally & figuratively blown to pieces on the same day by unmanned drones and you provide unflinching support of the US war machine. Thousands of women and children killed by Obama’s support of drone program since 2008.
5) You promote military dictatorships around the world (Libya, Haiti, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan, Columbia, Turkey, Israel) and condemn democratic socialist societies like Venezuela, Bolivia and Cuba.
6) You fail to address the true nature of the “War on Drugs” which is to keep mafia drug lords business and black budget secret military money flowing and fail to see the horror of the daily shootings, terrorism, overdoes, street wars, private prisons, unjust laws that keep minor offenders in fear of arrest or prison sentences, stealing lives of youth and stealing our cheap labor using us as slaves.
7) You support and are quiet about the secret international “free trade” agreement Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) meetings and other secret Bilderberg meetings of elites. Meetings designed to protect the interests of large multinational corporations.
8) You keep Guantanamo and other secret CIA torture prison camps open. Despite your promise (now over 4 years ago) to close them. Must the prisoners starve themselves TO DEATH for you to do the right thing? And why are you allowing the force-feeding of them?!… which is one of the most heinous and sinister forms of torture?.
9) You fail to hear the cries of the grandmothers of the Lakota Nation. And other Indigenous peoples. And you fail to uphold the Treaties that they are begging you to uphold. You support policies which are finalizing the complete genocide of these once powerful people. Now with lower life-expectancy rates and suicide rates than most 3rd world countries.
10) You never talk about increasing racism, fear-mongering and scapegoating in our country. Only when cases like Trayvon Martin come up.
11) You keep political prisoners behind bar, many dying in prison, and fail to pardon peace activists like Lynne Stewart, Bradley Manning, Leonard Peltier, Mumia-Abu-Jamal, Jeremy Hammond, Tim DeChristopher. And an 83-yr old anti-nuclear peace activist NUN… in jail for 20 years! And of course fail to shine light on these atrocious failures of public policy. You are in direct support of police oppression & forceful silencing of political dissent and our 1st Amendment free speech rights! You are making people scared to peacefully protest, for fear of arrests & possible long jail sentences.
12) You are aware of and are supporting state-sponsored false-flag staged events of terrorism for political reasons …. ( see Gladio: USA / NATO / CIA not-so-secret rogue mercenary armies / thugs and corporate Blackwater / Craft priviteeers ). You are responsible for the systematized KILLING of good selfless people!
13) You fail to make Hurricane Sandy flood-victim families a priority.
14) You are promoting instability in Venezuela and you support the CIA which is trying to instigate a possible coup against the new democratically elected president of Venezuela. You fail to recognize their new leader. The Presidents of many South American countries feel sorry for you and your lack of backbone as a true leader of the people.
15) You support The Federal Reserve’s LOANING of $ to the USA AT INTEREST. The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE BANK. NOT ACCOUNTABLE to the United States people. It is no more public or ‘Federal’ than Federal Express!
16) You are taking away the rights of farmers to organically grow their own food.
17) You are in support of the closing of our post offices and the elimination of our basic government services and infrastructure. And you are supporting the de-funding of important industry watchdog regulatory agencies which were set up to protect our health and safety and human rights. You are signing laws that lower the toxicity standards of environmental pollutants.
18) You are show with any type of REAL immigration reform which which would empower the immigrant population.
19) You sign NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) into law on NEW YEARS EVE of all times! Taking away our right to a fair trial in courtroom and allowing the US military to detain anyone indefinitely on just a SUSPICION of being a “terrorist”
20) You support the use of drones both armed abroad and unarmed at home. One must ask themselves, “unarmed for how long?”
21) You allow proliferation of nuclear weapons and you allow nuclear plants to stay open. And are pushing to open more. You avoid talking about the dangers of these plants, their utter lack of necessity, their lack of popular (or even Wall St.) support, their hidden purpose (nuclear bomb-making factories). And you fail to heed the cries and warnings of people from Fukushima and Cherynobyl.
22) You allow depleted uranium mining to take place and then buy and sell it to rogue nations to bomb innocent women and children.
23) You allow blatant lying, distortion of truth, and media blackouts by mainstream media companies that have hijacked OUR public airwaves. And you support judges and lawmakers that allow these media networks to lie to the American people. And promote war, fear, and division of people.
24) You fail to heed the warnings of Dwight Eisenhower about the Military-Industrial-Complex.Or John F. Kennedy’s warning of government infiltration of conspirators and secret groups. You fail to learn from the Cuban missile crisis and other nuclear near-close calls of man-made planetary instant annihilation.
25) You have successfully begun the US imperial colonization of Libya (in Africa… ) destroying the sovereignty the Libyan people and terrorizing them.
26) You are promoting and creating instability in Syria with CIA support of Syrian ‘rebels’. i.e. paid terrorists, and lying about chemical weapon use With the intention of invading Iran & Syria… possibly starting World War III.
27) You just signed a law which protects Monsanto — a multinational chemical company who is rapidly taking control of our food supply — from legal action taken by people hurt by the company.
28) You support a rogue state Israel who is engaged in war crimes and apartheid. A state that the majority of the world’s population outright condemns.
29) You fail to talk about your knowledge of Project Cloverleaf, HAARP, and the US military ‘Chemtrails’ programs and the weatherization of world weather.
30) You are covering up secret arsenal of military UFO craft, as well as peaceful extraterrestrial presence on planet Earth and UFO information suppression (energy technologies which if developed for peaceful purposes, could solve the world energy crisis and help world work in an integrated sustainable way). Google: disclosure project; NASA secret space program
31) You are aware and are silent about a massive secret deep underground military base at the Denver ‘New World’ Airport and other bases around the country.
32) You deliberately keep files on you and your birth records hidden because you don’t want the people to know that you’re actually a ROGUE AGENT of the CIA agent and bred to be a well-spoken LIAR and future US President! You continue to evade scrutiny over you and your relatives ties to known CIA front groups organized to destabilize nations, supporting puppet dictators for US control over their governments and therefore their natural resources, labor and public utilities.
33) You are deliberately quiet about and are not pushing for the immediate release of classified files on JFK assassination. Which purportedly show the CIA, FBI and Secret Services were involved in the murder of a sitting US President.
34) You are silent about Rex 84, COG plans, and FEMA ‘relocation’ camps.
35) You are silent about the blatant cover-ups of the true nature of US Government involvement in 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing and 1993 and 2001 WTC incidents. And the more recent Auora, CO shooting, Sandy Hook, CT, or the more recent Boston bombing. Because it would implicate many people in your current administration.
36) You are silent about the MASSIVE surveillance apparatus of the NSA (National Security Agency)… i.e. “No Such Agency” and it’s illegal invasion of the American peoples’ privacy.
37) You are aiding and abetting criminals, you are lying to the American people and you should be investigated, put in a PEOPLES’ court of LAW, and IMPEACHED.

Let the people of NYC WAKE UP and hold you accountable for high crimes against people of the world!

WHY was this man re-elected while other Presidential candidates (i.e. Stein/Honka on ballots in 40+ states , Lindsay/Osorio in 13 states ) blacklisted by mainstream media and not allowed into public televised debates? And then after winning this sick joke called the Presidential elections, why do we then allow this man to be compared to Martin Luther King? Despite the list of violations above?

PLEASE PEOPLE OF NYC, WAKE UP! LOOK AT WHAT’S HAPPENING AROUND YOU! Barack Obama is no better… and even worse in many cases… than George W. Bush. Like Bush, his policies are PUTTING THE WORLD POPULATION in DANGER!

Push for TRUTH, JUSTICE, DISCLOSURE, OPENNESS and SANE policy and decision making! And IMPEACHMENT! Also push YOURSELF to civic engagement! Either we organize and positively change the situation, or our government will continue to allow innocent people to get hurt and killed. And they will continue to try to deceive us.

Let the people of NYC WAKE UP and hold President Obama accountable for high crimes against people of the world! We must do what places like the people of Bolivia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Iceland, Jackson, Mississippi & Hackensack, NJ have done! Wake up and get corrupt politicans, lawmakers, judges & police commissioners OUT OF OFFICE and replace with TRUSTWORTHY, HONORABLE and COURAGEOUS EVERY DAY PEOPLE WHO HAS A HISTORY OF DOING GOOD FOR THE COMMUNITY… OR don’t have politicians and instead, THE PEOPLE DECIDE ON OUR OWN what’s best through PUBLIC DEMOCRATIC OPEN MEETINGS, MUTUAL AGREEMENTS BETWEEN NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCILS, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY & LEADERSHIP.

Oliver Stone “Obama is a Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing”


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