The People Of NYC – Immediate Demands for Mayor Bloomberg, City Council & Police Commissioner Ray Kelly

Below is a ROUGH DRAFT of a petition that we would like to start distributing ASAP. ASAP means as soon as the language and text arrangement is decided to be concise, logical, clear and as inclusive as possible — and where EACH ITEM is agreed upon to be ATTAINABLE and DESIRABLE by the majority of NYC residents we show it to.

It is our belief that with a document like this, we can bring most NYC residents TOGETHER and UNITE around the common issues that face us. And it can allow us to start ADDRESSING these SERIOUS and very IMMEDIATE issues we all face caused by our lack of public participation in policy making, and mismanagement & abuses of the public trust by people in offices of power. It is our hope that after drafting and agreeing to a document like this, we can implement new policies that make life in NYC EASIER and SAFER for all of it’s residents instead of more DIFFICULT and DANGEROUS. We must start envisioning and creating a city that we can all be PROUD OF and one that we’d be PROUD TO HAVE CHILDREN and FUTURE GENERATIONS INHERIT FROM US.

******** OCCUPY UNION SQUARE is currently looking for people that are good with words, ideas, and copy editing, to start helping out with the wording and the structure of this petition ***********

We’re encouraging the GENERAL PUBLIC to become engaged in creating these “PEOPLES’ LAWS” of NYC and RE-IMAGINING and ENVISIONING what YOUR NYC would be like and how it would function and treat it’s residents and visitors.

The plan is to use this document as a framework and a springboard to create a COLLABORATIVE LIVING DOCUMENT to further solidify and clarify our immediate wants and desires as NYC residents. Again, with the goal of MAXIMUM SUPPORT and COLLABORATION by the mass majority of NYC residents (and quick implementation).

We encourage ALL New Yorkers, especially the teen and 20’s generation, to WRITE DOWN the way YOU would like the laws to be in NYC, RIGHT NOW starting in 2013! Together, we can create a NEW NYC! One that values the health, safety and well-being of it’s residents! One that minimizes corruption and government abuses. One that puts criminals where they belong. One that values DEMOCRATIC DECISION MAKING. And one that SUPPORTS & EMPOWERS its RESIDENTS instead of supporting and empowering already powerful large multinational companies, and lawmaking by wealthy and selfish land owners and other people.

(NOTE: This list is NOT YET in any particular order and this is a VERY ROUGH draft and will be edited for better language and mass community support). Please excuse us if there are any glaring omissions. And feel free to make suggestions and modifications for increased effectiveness, clarity and inclusiveness: E-mail: <a href=””></a>

And share with as many New Yorkers as you can!!!!

NYC Petition


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