LIVESTREAM of Backbone Campaign’s “Localize This!” annual activist camp!

Backbone Campaign

Localize This!
4th Annual Activist Camp
Backbone Campaign
From: Vashon Island, WA USA

NOTE: The best part from Bill & Kim’s 7/30 talk (strategy and movement building) starts at about 19:49 of Part TWO and into 3 and 4


7/29/12 – 7pm (PST) – Opening Talk
Tom Kertes – From The Power We Have To The Power We Need — Long-Term Strategic Campaign Planning & Organizing Based On Transformative Values


7/30/12 – 11am (PST) Bill Moyer & Kim Marks – Grand Strategy /
Strategic Campaign Planning

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Part 3 –

Part 4 –


All archived Videos HERE:

LIVE video (when ON-AIR) here:

Full schedule here (July 29 – Aug 4) – (Pacific Time) –

Donate HERE to support this training!

Live broadcast by Ustream


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