Presidential Debate Of Alternative Parties

2012 Presidential Debate Of Alternative Parties

A Jeff 4 Justice Exclusive.

The Alternative Party Debate hosted by Maggie Phair Institute.


Rocky Anderson
Justice Party nominee

Roseanne Barr
Green Party candidate

Stephen Durham
Freedom Socialist Party nominee

Peta Lindsay
Party for Socialism and Liberation nominee

Dr. Kent Mesplay
Green Party candidate

Dr. Jill Stein
Green Party candidate


Other alternative party candidates not at the debate include:

Stewart Alexander
Peace & Freedom Party & Socialist candidate

Roger Gary
Libertarian Party candidate

Gary Johnson
Libertarian Party candidate

Carl Person
Libertarian Party candidate

Buddy Roemer
Reform Party & Americans Elect Candidate

Danny Woodring
independent candidate

R. Lee Wrights
Libertarian Party candidate


Democrat and Republican candidates:




To keep up with news about alternative parties at you can follow Ballot Access News.

At you can learn more about all candidates.

At you can learn about the Americans Elect 2012 movement.

Register to vote:


At you can learn more about the Maggie Phair Institute.


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